Gold-Diggin Baby Mama Sarah Donovan

Gold-Diggin Baby Mama Sarah Donovan

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this person Sarah Donovan conned her bf into having a child a few years ago. Then, after the baby was 9 months old, cheated, then left. After all, when she was allowed to stay home and didn’t help with any bills because she wanted to be a stay at home mom. Then took off to Alabama without even letting the kid’s Dad know she was leaving with his child.

Ever since she has had 5 different guys she’s been with (in the last 14 months) all around her son who turned 3 in August, trying to play daddy while she collects child support wich is her ONLY form of income. She states “it’s what’s best for him and I don’t want strangers watching him.” Get a life, floozy. Single moms don’t get to stay home with their kids.

Now she’s trying to get her “fiance” (yeah right) to adopt who’s also a loser! She just needs to wait till he gets his insurance before the biological father is able to sign over his rights. Sarah Donovan just wants money and will do whatever to get it. Her own mother once told her to sleep with alot of guys.

There’s nothing wrong with a lot of options… just look at The Bachelor television show. I don’t see much difference. Sarah wants to find her soulmate.- nik

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  1. Super mom Sarah DonovanJune 16, 2018 at 12:48 PM

    Hi.. this is the so called gold digging baby mama.. I’d just like to say the girl who posted this didn’t include that the “sperm donor” was an alcoholic first of all. I was also forced to move to Alabama to live with my mom because so called “dad” got fired and refused to help with daycare so I could WORK! And stopped paying child support. which I couldn’t do all on my own. I was working in alabama. Yeah I dated guys. When I had the time. Never was anything serious. Until I found my now fiance whether she wants to believe it or not. I’m now a stay at home mom while my fiance works. And trust me if sperm donor had a lawyer he’d know that in the state of Alabama an adoption can’t go through until I’ve been married for one full year at least. And yes sperm donor has been begging to release his rights. Not to mention his 9 year old daughter wants nothing to do with him either cause of this psychotic new GF of his. Try to shame me on the internet? How old are you?! Grow up.

  2. Some-1-U-KnowSeptember 8, 2017 at 5:51 PM

    Damn her eyes are pinned……………..Loves the H