Kara May Wright — Wrecker Of Own Home

Kara May Wright — Wrecker Of Own Home

THE DIRTY AMRY: This girl is apparantly bottomless…she has had it all handed to her and throws it away for trash bc that’s what she is. Refuses to care for her children, even resents them for needing her. She got a man to marry her even though she was CARRYING ANOTHER MAN’S CHILD when they first met. After 8 years they marry and her disgusting sh1t starts. After getting on the insurance of the caring man willing to die for her, she gets on all these pills from the dr. Uppers, downers, starts going to some dive bar all the time and staying out till 6 am. ALL WHILE HER MAN IS WORKING TO SUPPORT HER EVERY WANT/NEED AND STRUGGLING TO DO SO EVEN WITH A HIGH PAYING JOB. This trash does not care about anyone or anything except herself, INCLUDING HER 2 CHILDREN. She can not even be bothered to get her son on the bus for school, or to wake when her 2 YEAR OLD is hungry. Now she is sleeping with at least 2 barhounds from the skeez bar she chose to hang out at. If one of them is you, have your fun and dip…don’t let yourself get caught in her sh1t. DRDS are most DEF an issue with her now as she’s so dirty and doesn’t make anyone wrap it. MOVE ON.


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