Mike Timmons — Bum father

Mike Timmons — Bum father

THE DIRTY ARMY: This guy has 12 kids with 3 women. He’s never in their lives. He talks sh1t and lies about his own family. You can’t trust this guy with your life. He has the nerve to judge other people for doing the same things he does. He will stalk your Facebook and text your family so fore warned. Stay away from this loser.


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  1. His sisterMarch 20, 2019 at 8:43 AM

    To whom it may concern this is my brother and I can tell you for a fact everything you’re reading about him is false especially that he has 12 kids with three different women that’s BS my brother is a great father a very family-oriented man who would never harm anybody unless they brought harm to him this post needs to be removed promptly I’m not real happy about this and anybody else who has a problem with my comment can take it up with me everything on here is fake about my brother I know him better than anybody and I’ll tell you right now when I find out who did this I’m going to make them pay and I’m talking in a legal manner my brother is a good man a loving husband and a great father and a wonderful Grandpa now this site should be removed completely because nobody should be allowed to judge anybody based on someone else’s untrue opinions so I am going to seek legal action and see if I can’t get the site taken down because this is just ridiculous hurting people because you have nothing better to do get a life and leave my brother alone