Sam Slater — Ho simmitty SAM

Sam Slater — Ho simmitty SAM

THE DIRTY ARMY: Omg so much i could say about this trashy girl but im gonna start with why she sleeps with every man in south county. The white girl on the left that wishes she was gangster has slept with 4 guys at once after a party and none of them used protection. This girl needs to sit down some where and stop this nonsense she already has DRD and no telling who it was passed to.

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  1. Sam SlaterOctober 26, 2018 at 7:01 PM

    Luckily there are people who think you are as pathetic as I do and showed me this post…I actually have a life so I was unaware this site even existed anymore Funny you make this post but yet I have been a surrogate for the last year which doesnt allow you to have sex with random people. But nice try. Please go get a life…you desperately need one

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