Dream Job or Disaster? — Carvana

Dream Job or Disaster? — Carvana

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Carvana is touted as one of the greatest startups to work at with the best perks and tons of swimmingly hot women swarming around, however, these folks are as dirty and rotten as can be. From the constant abuse, to the sloppy drunk team leads and disgusting 500lb beast who is somehow in a “team lead” position and some angry midget that is somehow in a business stakeholder position, this dream job was truly a nightmare. Im not sure how much detail I can go into on this post, but if there is good response I’m glad to spill the beans …

More details and and pictures please. Carvana sounds amazing.- nik


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  1. J.D.February 16, 2018 at 3:19 AM

    Go on, op!