William Michael McLaughlin — Control-freak degenerate with pathological lying issues

William Michael McLaughlin — Control-freak degenerate with pathological lying issues

THE DIRTY ARMY: Just be glad you don’t know this dude. Michael McLaughlin is a manipulative rapist. He drugged me with GHB. He told me it was just water. Then proceeded to slap, choke, and suffocate me with his adult diaper. He would always pressure me into “trying” the ABDL stuff he’s into. And if I said “no,” he’d threaten to end the relationship, he’d even go as far to say “Nope. Can’t be your friend unless you listen to me.” It’s depressing how he claims to hate “judgemental people,” when he’s literally just as closed-minded. He would constantly belittle me about my chronic mental illnesses, anorexia, and memory problems, when they are something I literally can’t fully recover from. And when I wouldn’t leave his house… Guess what he called me? “FAT AUTISTIC BITCH” He has some weird phobia of punk rock music. He’d flip out whenever I’d change the radio station to something other than mainstream EDM trash. Oh, and apparently he has a lot of hate in his heart for anybody who’s even remotely famous. He kept telling me all of my favourite producers were d1cks in person, as if he was some holier-than-thou DJ. Not to mention, he’s basically told me he’s banned from every venue in the state of Arizona. He threatened to force-feed me MULTIPLE TIMES despite the fact I told him I was suffering from anorexia. He would constantly call me “retarded” even when I told him not to. I was pushed to the point were I would cry out of both fear and depression. He has marijuana bags and nitrous oxide cans everywhere. He’s in possession of illegal handguns and switchblades. His house smells like somebody died there, and looks like a hoarder decided to dump all of their things in the middle of his house. In fact, one time, he literally yelled at me and told me I was “wasting his time” because I wouldn’t eat his nasty sh1t out of his adult diaper. I am 100-percent sure this dude lied about not having DRD, considering he eats like a fucking pig and is still stick-thin somehow. Oh, and quote of the year from a victim-blaming rapist such as himself: “It’s your own fault for not saying no,” …Yeah, sure, when I couldn’t even breathe, let alone say the safety word. Aside from this, he treats both his roommates and his own family like sh1t. He made up fake sob-stories that his mother and his father both abused him… just to get into my pants. There’s even one dude who lives there that’s actually forced to sleep on the couch while there’s an open bedroom. I hate to be *that guy,* but I’m actually not surprised his father left him. He has this odd fascination with starting fires and absolutely hates the government and cops. He openly bragged about choking his own dog to the point where it sh1t everywhere as some form of discipline. Apparently this dude has a level-6 felony, and has most likely lost all of his teeth from prison fights. He tried to convince me his teeth were so fuked-up from not consistently brushing them. He can’t even work for Instacart. A fuking grocery delivery service. Last I saw, he was stealing motor-scooters for a living and trying to “cheat the system.” He got caught smuggling weed over the border, and now hates any type of authority because he got caught out of his own sheer stupidity. His mother has been suspended from her job as a lawyer FOUR fuking times. She lives in a mansion far away from Mike’s bullsh1t and I don’t blame her for refusing to associate with him. Mike should be put away for at least 40+ years. And I certainly hope he will be. He goes by the alias “DJ SnickyMike.” Stay safe, people.


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  1. AzBoundJune 2, 2019 at 11:47 PM

    I can say for a fact that this is all a lie, especially since I know him and dated him for 3 years. I swear what people wont do for attention and to ruin others lives.

    • HahaJune 3, 2019 at 10:10 PM

      OP should file a police report. Send his adult diaper to jail.