Allie AZ’s Local Metal Groupie

Allie AZ’s Local Metal Groupie

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this bitch rite here has a longass history 4 jumping on local band members d1cks if not attempting to do so. N she steals other chicks men. She’s a fuking alcoholic n party’s hard at local shows. N is only part of da community just to suck some band dck. Bitch jumps frm one relationship to another lmao. She can’t keep a dude with her slutty drunk unstable ways lmao. I damn well Kno she has an DRD already! N dumbass Metalhead dudes still sleeping with her n date her lol. Cuz they got some low a55 standards lmao. All she dose is flirt with the local bands at shows n gets a free way to get into shows. Hell even she dun goes hits up shows up in Phoenix n Tempe. N dose the same shit! She’s had flings & hit it n quit it’s wit a couple of dudes up there. But they were desperate n couldn’t land a chick so they went to her for some cuz bthey know she a groupie lmao. So if ya Metalhead or a guy in a band b careful cuz n she sees dat n ya show interest in her prepare to get an DRD lmao Oh yeah she a homewrecker too!

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  1. UnknownMay 15, 2019 at 5:27 PM

    Lol yo I heard she’s a homewrecker n steals other women’s boyfriend’s. N gets them to cheat smh.
    She’s gross! Any guy who hooks up with her at shows got some damn low standards lmao
    She’s not even that pretty n guys still after her groupie a55 lmao

  2. FlixOctober 31, 2018 at 1:04 AM

    May i add shes also a zealous occultist and if she does not receive good reviews on her farts you will be truly sorry, not only for your life but your soul, seriously you would wish you were dead, she might turn you into a radish but she would never poison you, im sure shes an excellent cook