Raunchy Queen B of tucson

Raunchy Queen B of tucson

THE DIRTY ARMY: Theres a lot about this floozy that people don’t know but she is a master manipulator and is very convincing when she lies but first let me say that this slore takes the cake, she is Tucson’s raunchiest slore bag and on some real sh1t this dirt wad scalywag tries to make men into her bitches and if you don’t bend to her will she will then start calling you a “mitch” meaning male bitch, she will try and emasculate you and embarrass you but secretly she will be banging all your friends and family but what’s worse is that she bangs her uncle for cash almost weekly and she even has an account with a dating site that’s known for being a floozy site she for sure has some drd she has admitted to sleeping her way thru her own homies and to top things off she calls herself a boss bitch but is nothing more than a trash bag


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  1. Guilty tpiDecember 12, 2018 at 1:58 PM

    To the people it concerns, I am the one who posted this and I do not want this post to remain on your site, I was angry and hurt from our recent break up and I wanted to get back at her so I made false claims so that I could hurt her the way she hurt me but I was wrong and things need to made right again. Please respond to me for any information that is needed to prove who I am and that I am sincere in my request to remove the post. Thank you