The Biggest Lowlife Liar in Marana — Dawnelle Logan

The Biggest Lowlife Liar in Marana — Dawnelle Logan

THE DIRTY ARMY: I was with this lowlife trailer trash for 3 years and I will admit it took me awhile to wise up but after I caught on I could not believe what I found. She cheated on me with 11 different guys in 3 years. Became a user of H. This nasty trailer trash came home from being out all night and wanted to have sex but the minute I saw her panties I almost threw up. Covered in guys dried junk juice. She hasn’t had a real job in 6 years, lives with her aunt but promises she will move out and in with you. Every word out of her mouth is a straight up lie

–Some times dried up junk juice can have a positive effect on your life

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  1. Hendey101574June 28, 2018 at 5:02 PM

    So, the junky slore dumped you?

    How big of a loser are you?

    11 other guys in 3 years? Sounds like you don’t know how to take car of business. Dude, if you have a small weenier, make up for this with oral/toys. Or so I have heard.