Dead Beat Dad — Gaige Brown

Dead Beat Dad — Gaige Brown

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m sure you stopped on this post and thought “I know him!”. You’ve either slept with him, slept with his sister, bought drugs from him, had him sleep on your couch or done drugs with him.

Whatever the case is somehow everyone in Tucson knows of Gaige Brown. But they don’t know who he actually is. He posts on social media like he is such an amazing guy but it’s just a show. I’m surprised he’s held onto his job for so long. Not like it’s a hard job to do. Fool would smoke right before past jobs drug tests and he somehow thought he would pass?

Gaige recently had a child but I wouldn’t be so quick to call him a father. Lets just call him a sperm donor. Not once has he bought diapers, formula, or even a damn onesie for the baby. He can’t even take care of her for 20 minutes and hasn’t even seen her a week’s worth of times out of her almost 4 months of life now. He stopped asking about her completely for a whole month. He couldn’t even stop doing drugs for this child. The moment you decide to lay down and make a child is the moment it stops being about you. Too bad Gaige didn’t get the memo.

Speaking of sperm donor… my buddy just found out he has 16 kids. The agency that made him rub it out in cups for money reached out and said one of the kids is looking for him… he said sure, “I would love to meet her.” Little did he know they made a Facebook page about him on social media. Now he’s exhausted. Every weekend he has plans. He feels guilty if he gives one of his children more attention than the others.- nik

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  1. NullApril 1, 2018 at 12:30 PM

    Gaige is a total try hard. I’ve known him for years and always thought he was an annoying little bastard. He changed his name to Lars Malone on Facebook in case anybody wants to harass him

  2. Rachel LambOctober 25, 2017 at 6:58 AM

    This asshole cheated on the mother of his daughter WHILE she was pregnant! All because he wanted his baby mama to
    Move in with him and she wouldn’t because he lives with multiple roommates who smoke pot all day long and she didn’t want to expose their infant daughter to marijuana smoke. This asshole risked giving his pregnant baby mama a DRD while pregnant! He provides nothing for his daughter, doesn’t even see her! He is the epitome of deadbeat dad!

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