Gold Digger Carrie Jakubiak

Gold Digger Carrie Jakubiak

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this here is Carrie Jakubiak. She is a massive floozy. She won’t stop messaging my boyfriend Darren. She sends him nude pictures every single day! We don’t even live in the same state as her! She has 2 kids with 2 different men! Her boyfriend calls himself “high class white trash.” When my boyfriend dated her, she kept trying to get him to co-sleep with her and have sex with her with her daughter in the same room! My boyfriend put an end to that. She was trying to keep her daughter away from her father and my boyfriend tried everything he could to get her to let her ex see his daughter!

This floozy has always done whatever she has to and spread her legs with whatever idiot she can get to pay her bills. She even tries to offer phone sex to my boyfriend if he will send her money! I told you Carrie if you didn’t stop trying to sext my boyfriend and sending he nasty nude pictures of you loose p**** I would put you on blast! Your rack is so gross! You have one nipple that looks up and one that looks down and to the side. No one wants to see that nastiness!

If your boyfriend doesn’t please you, then go out to the street corner and find some guy to pay to sleep with you! She even has super gross and trashy friends according to my boyfriend. Both times she got pregnant she wasn’t sure who was the father! She has her boyfriend thinking he’s the father but told Darren that she knows he’s not the father! She does whatever she has to do to not work! Her friends including Erin Pope tried to have threesomes with Darren while he was with Carrie! When I saw this gold digging floozie’s nudes I puked! Just the throught makes me dry puke! Nik, put this nasty gold digger on blast so all of Marana/Tucson knows the truth!

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  1. Rachel LambOctober 25, 2017 at 4:44 PM

    Holy crap! Both her and her boyfriend Billy Raub are both sending nudes too different people! Why are these too even together? Two bad we can’t see the nudes she’s sending around and two bad we ain’t able to post his “lil semi” pictures it would be funny as heck jajaja! Isn’t Marana the place that all used up slunts move to anyway? Sounds like these too are perfect for each other.