Manda Nelson The Lying Backstabber

Manda Nelson The Lying Backstabber

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Manda Nelson, a backstabbing twofaced hateful ratchet b**ch. She hunts for men who are taken & appreantly moved on to women, too! She gets off on the thrill of breaking up relationships, doesn’t matter if it’s with close friends, boyfriends, baby daddys.. this chick will become friends with other girls in relationships & turn them against each other.

All she wants to do is sleep around, go to bars, and drive drunk. This little piggy here has been sleeping all around Tucson. She claims to be a good girl, but she is really just another girl you can’t trust. There’s a reason that she plays with people’s emotions, tells them what they want to hear and it’s just to get her fix.

She has a son and a baby daddy whom she hardly sees. She tells everyone she’s not a fast girl, but I’ve seen proof that she actually is a very fast girl. Her and her cousin talk so much s**t about each other when in fact, they’re the same person! Constantly using people for her own personal gain and did I memtion compulsively lies? One of those people that start to believe there own BS.

She’s a thug bcuz she’s f**ked every set on the east and is now on the northside. Ha. Borrows cash however has no intention of paying back, & will even steal given the opportunity. And Ya she seems pretty Of course, when every pic taken uses the snap filter to save those photos. She will use anyone to get anything … If she your friend watch out , she has turned into a floozy soldier that won’t stop till all Greg & Money in Tucson has been drained..

The swamp eyes do nothing for me.- nik

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  1. SuckmydickDecember 7, 2017 at 7:05 PM

    I wonder who posted this. Ummmmm probably kiki. Lmfao. How funny

    • Jazzi goodmanDecember 8, 2017 at 6:34 AM

      Lol still have yet to catch a fade tho lmfao but u hard online lmfao

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