Not just grimey, more ratchet than a Sear’s Catalouge — Ryan Taylor Green

Not just grimey, more ratchet than a Sear’s Catalouge — Ryan Taylor Green

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ryan Taylor Green is a lady’s man of young gay men both here in Tucson and in Lakeside/Pinetop and the Phoenix area. He has been around the world, having visited more countries than I could probably name, so who knows how far his reign of biological warfare has spread. He prefers to not use condoms and in fact, even went so far as to say he could not perform if he tried and thereby justified exposing me to the gambit of whatever he could have picked up from the in-numerous number of tricks that he hooked up with during our time together. He knowingly, and repeatedly slept with an individual that we both knew to be DRD positive, but he promised that those times he DID wear a condom. I have to give him credit, as I have tested STD/STI free every six months for over two years since the last time he could have

given me something. Our first time hooking up, I walked in on him with his underpants pulled out and he was looking down at his junk, kind of scrutinizing it. I figured he was checking for any errant pubic hairs so that I wouldn’t end up flossing with them, but come to find out just a few days (or approximately a week prior, according to him) he had a spot or a couple spots frozen off and was checking to see if his junk was ready for action again. He asked me when I had been tested and I told him I had been regularly since the last partner I had and I had a clean bill of health, and he assured me that he too was disease free. MONTHS later he admits to me that he was diagnosed and treated for DRD in weeks prior to us having our first sexual encounter. More disturbing was that despite agreeing to not take away my discretion as to whether or not I wanted to be exposed to partners that he was hooking up with for the first time after meeting them online, he did not keep his word to me and that is not only dirty, it’s downright EFFED UP! Putting your own self at risk of catching whatever is your own business but when you agree to use protection out of respect for someone you profess to love and then you are not even man enough to come clean about it in a timely manner so that if, god forbid, I needed medical intervention, I could have gotten it, he lied and kept the truth from me through nearly our entire relationship. His solution to our mutual friends has been to try and hide the fact that he still comes around, with my best friend of 12 years. As if that weren’t bad enough, they are now resorting to bashing my reputation and conspiring with our ‘mutual’ friends to ‘teach me a lesson’. ‘ Granted I acted a fool while we were together, but this is a whole new level of psycho. You would never guess it from his impeccable hygiene and his silver spoon upbringing. Nor would you find out if you asked him and that is why I am electing him to the prestigious post of DIRTY FOR LIFE.

–OP I am unclear why you let this guy penetrate you

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  1. OPMay 8, 2018 at 2:42 PM

    He told me he had been tested and come back negative for everything and I believed him.

  2. AmyApril 23, 2018 at 7:52 PM

    Tucson is full of scum bags like this… They only care about themselves.

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