Jabberwocky Slore — Sara Cogelja

Jabberwocky Slore — Sara Cogelja

THE DIRTY ARMY: Sara Cogelja is one of Tucson worst. She used to be a good person until she started using heavier drugs. She lost her daughter cause of drugs but she doesn’t change since she still gets to see her sometimes thanks to her parents. Her parents have always supported her, paid her rent and bills and doesn’t what? So she can have a house full of drugs addicts living with her and the way she talks to her parents is incredibly disrespectful. She is so bad now hooked on heroin and meth. She is delusional and isn’t happy unless she is causing drama in everyone’s lives. She will be nice to you face then minutes later talk sh1t to other people but heaven forbid someone says something bad about her then it’s water works and playing the victim card. She lies she cheats and she steals. She thinks she is entitled and can do whatever she wants without consequences. And she always gets bailed out by mommy and daddy anyways so she is still immature and acts like she’s 16 at 30 years old. She gets all high and starts taking a million pics of herself to post all over fb and Instagram but she’s just making a fool of herself. You can see track marks and bruises all over her body and you can just tell she is super fuked up. She also has DRD and has never done anything about and just kept sleeping around cause she is a sex addict and just goes and sleeps with random people from sex groups and any dude that gives her attention. It’s sad. She needs some serious help but sadly she’s gotten it all her life but yet she’s still all fuked up in the head and insecure and unstable that this will continue her whole life if she doesn’t OD first. Be careful of this b1tch she’s ruined a lot of people’s lives.


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  1. Sara CogeljaMarch 21, 2019 at 12:06 PM

    So funny to find this post I have to say it’s quite flattering that anyone who hates me so much would take the time to write such slander. Anyways I sought help checked myself into rehab, am now clean have been for about five months, and when that picture was taken I was paying my own rent and bills, working at circle k and yes was actively using…but a lot has changed and I have grown. I hope whomever wrote this is happy with themselves cuz if it we’re me I’d have to be downright miserable with my life to have to tear someone else down like this. I hope the best for everyone who reads this. Lates.

  2. ChillitSeptember 26, 2018 at 2:02 AM

    You say she’s always had help but sounds like her parents just enable her bad habits which is exactly why she probably won’t ever seek any real help. If she can’t do it now for her kids then her parents should cut her off that’s her only hope of ever wanting to change. Garuanteed

  3. RecoveringJuly 24, 2018 at 3:38 AM

    As a recovering addict it’s sad to see when someone is THAT lost. It’s hard to get help but when you have a child it’s actually easy to get help and they should be the motivation. The fact she just disregards the fact she is a mother is sickening. I feel sorry for her and hope she gets a wake up call soon. The more trash we get off the streets the better.

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