Sean Erickson of Tucson

Sean Erickson of Tucson

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this dude Sean Erickson is a real gem in the metropolis of Tucson and Phoenix. Known for his frequent bouts of anger, this cowgirl can no longer get a job as a heavy equipment operator in Tucson. Whole companies have blacklisted him because of his shining personality. I mean can u imagine being such a douchebag that notable companies have a no hire policy just for you.

After getting with him, my homegirl started to change as a person, no longer smiling or laughing and I started noticing bruises on her. Nothing crazy, but almost like fingerprints around her arms or knuckles in her chest. Fast forward a year and we find out dude was on a one man mission to break my friend because she stood up to him and wouldn’t let him treat her like all his other previous exs. Come to find out he threw her across the room where she hit her head and got a severe head injury, held her down, and ground his knuckles in to her chest, would berate her to the point that she’s in tears begging this punk b*tch to stop. Nobody likes to hear what a piece of sh*t they are 24 /7. But apparently because this wanna b hetero/man hates himself that much and will project his self loathing onto those who are dumb enough to give a f**k.

When my friend got her taxes she purchased a truck and when they were registering it, he had my friend run out to the truck and get the vin number. While she did that he put her truck in his name. He had an old Toyota pos car and my friend drive that. After she wised up and left him and even though he stold this chick’s truck from her, he still called his pos in as stolen. Then called this girls work and told her boss that she was selling meth out of her work. So she lost her job.

Unfortunately, in spite of his well documented little Greg, he has managed to reproduce and has a son who I hate to say is on his way to grow up and be just like his Gods gift to lesbians father.

In closing if you like to be treated like sh*t, told that you are, have a sad sex life, be slapped around and like people to steal your hard earned belongings,  then I’ve got just the guy for you.

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