Loser Female – Vanessa Padilla

Loser Female – Vanessa Padilla

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Vanessa Padilla is just retarded as these people that live here in Tucson. With her always free my man Javi post on fb who is in jail presently for drugs and always disrespect her sleeping with other females. she recently posted a post stating “free Javi he sleeps with other females but i don’t care he is my ride or die. ” She gets the joy in robbing other people and her own family just to satisfy him. She belong in prison like him. She always at attention for love on fb and wonders why guys always hit it and quit it on her. She has a pretty face but lil chunky which is ok but with saggy ass grandma t*ts. Prison is probably next up for her in the near future. Losers to the end.

— Is that her leg sticking out? Either that or Javi is in for a big surprise when he gets out. 


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