Stupid Side Chick — Natalie Alysia Davidson

Stupid Side Chick — Natalie Alysia Davidson

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Natalie Alysia Davidson from Tulsa, Oklahoma. She is about to be 21 and claims she’s pregnant with her fourth child. She’s a cute girl, but she talks like the “cash me ousside” girl from Dr. Phil. Just a few weeks, ago, this little badass had the bright idea to taunt me with the fact she was sleeping with my now ex and that her dumbass is pregnant by him. I felt sorry for her at first, because she contacts me telling me that she didn’t know about me and that she’s getting rid of him. She tells about the all the other girls she’s caught him with and all the domestic violence she inflicts onto him when she catches him cheating, including burning him with a torch and choking him.

Keep in mind, she has three young children this is happening around. She also lives in low income housing and pays no rent since she has no income and yet proceeds to tell me that he has been living there with her since march of 2016. He works full time and neither him nor his income was reported. Then, she sends me these nasty pictures for some reason. Like, seriously? I don’t want him back. You’re not making me jealous, but you are making me angry that you aren’t allowing him to see his son. To be fair though, he’s allowing it, so these two deserve each other.

She just simply wanted to start and continue drama with me since it’s what she thrives on. She even had her mother make a fake profile and write me and my other ex a nasty message trashing me. Trashiness obviously runs in the family. I’d suggest, next time, keeping your mouth shut and not harassing the ex just because you’re jealous. Have a nice life and don’t forget that the position for side chick is now open now that you’re the main chick. Enjoy your prize!

Don’t be racist. There are two people naked in this image.- nik

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  1. ujustlikadoorknobnastynlooseOctober 4, 2017 at 2:30 AM

    no woman can keep a man away from his son so grow up and stop hating on the girl

  2. youthadumbbitchOctober 4, 2017 at 2:24 AM

    lol what a laugh aww i guess her page matches yours lana holly catoe