Beatrice Koeblin Mullins — I Harass Wives Of The Husbands I’ve Banged

Beatrice Koeblin Mullins — I Harass Wives Of The Husbands I’ve Banged

THE DIRTY ARMY: If this takes me all night I will e-mail everyone on Facebook. Please let me tell you about this crazy person named Beatrice Mullins She slept with my husband three years ago. I found out when he was in ICU. She had the audacity to show up at his bedside and acted all weird and nervous. When she called me to accuse me of taking away an IPad that she was using to text him, I looked on her Facebook and found pictures of them together in Anchorage and Michigan and Seattle Long story short, she will not stop harassing my family. My husband has had four or five major strokes, he is housebound, I care for him, because I was not going to let some wide faced ho take 20 years from us. If you know her, pray for her. This past weekend, she physically went to our family restaurant with her old a55 (she likes old men) flavor of the month in Fairbanks, told the chef she and I were really good friends and took a selfie with his phone, found my phone number in his phone without his consent and sent me the picture. She will not let it go. I have no idea. She has tried to press charges against me and lost. I had to write to her boss at Delta to get her to stop harassing us. I do not know what else to do except to ask you to pray for her. I think she is actually diabolical and insane. I’ve known her for 20 years, she was dating my husband when I met her, she was so loose, they called her Beaamattress at Red Dog. Hopefully this e-mail will let he know I no longer find her childish antics funny, and I am out to expose to her friend that she has zero morals, she will sleep with your husband, do not trust her. Thank you. Let’s see how she responds to this. If any of this was untrue, then it would be considered slander. But if you look her up on Courtview, you will see, she has a pattern and has done this to another woman in Kotzebue, whose husband she has slept with. Hopefully she will think again about trying to contact my family

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  1. WonderwomanMay 10, 2019 at 3:43 PM

    Might I add that this lady’s husband was originally with Bea until she started going after Bea’s fiancé and Bea’s engagement ring disappeared along with her great grandmother’s china set when the one complaining lady in this link came along. Not to mention loved to hang on drug dealers in local bars to get her fix. Can you say jealous and shady? I think so. You go Bea!

  2. Stop ProjectingApril 1, 2019 at 6:03 AM

    Your husband is a slore and you should place the blame there.