Jasmin Carriere — NOT Gods Gift To Women

Jasmin Carriere — NOT Gods Gift To Women

THE DIRTY ARMY: This lowlife is MARRIED and was caught cheating. He is still sending nudes to women and meeting up with them at motels while away from his family. He even uses a fake name in order to protect himself. He didn’t mention he was married until I saw his drivers license and learned that his name is not Jason. I looked him up on facebook and found out he is MARRIED with 2 kids. A boy and a girl! He has a daughter! When I confronted him he said he was no longer in love with his wife and would leave her for me. NO THANKS! The way he speaks of her is downright awful, and she’s trying to get over the last time he got caught. He thinks he is the sh1t, but he’s a piece of sh1t. He kisses like he’s bobbing for Apples and lasts 2 minutes in bed.


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  1. Spider-ManNovember 6, 2018 at 9:53 AM

    This guy lives in Alexandria Ontario, and he REALLY IS a filthy pig!!