Shahd Tawfig Hamza Manhating troll

Shahd Tawfig Hamza Manhating troll

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Shahd Tawfig Hamza. This creature spends her whole day starting cyber fights. She is a “Trans warrior” cant say anything about trans people or she will report you to twitter like a coward. However, she talks soo much trash about “short men” any man under 6 fee tall she puts him on blast and makes fun of his height. She is built like Mabel simmons aka Madea. She sympathizes with trans ppl because she looks like a EAN not a Shahd. She even dresses for Halloween as a man. She makes fun of men’s penis sizes online and tries to publically humiliate men. She does the same to women too, she takes women’s photos and retweets them to bash on them She has a sick obsession with Ethiopian people, and if you even so much as to criticize Ehiopians/Habesha” she will come on her tirade and “expose you”. She is nothing but a badly built online troll/bully. I know people who personally know her. She is miserable and pathetic. She is highly insecure and tries to make herself semi relevent by making outlandish offensive posts in order to seem scandalous. Its pathetic how she flirts with guys and they pay her no attention. She is desperate for atention. Nik please give this annoying troll her long overdue attention..on thedirty! so her employers and anyone who searches for her name sees the garbage she posts about men’s heights and womens looks. She is unfortuante looking and she knows it. Nik please upload specifically the screenshot where she is making fun of all men under 6 ft tall. But this the same person who cries and reports users to Twitter for even making a trans joke!

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  1. OpJuly 28, 2019 at 4:53 PM

    Hey Shahd!!! You’re one to talk about growing! Ppl who are trolls online are the ones that need to grow! Looks like you did enough growing you Madea looking gorilla

  2. LolJune 27, 2019 at 2:06 PM

    Maybe instead of spending your energy bitching because people online are mean to you, you should put this energy into trying to grow !

  3. AnonDecember 7, 2018 at 3:23 PM

    So this Tranny looking loser retracts her tweet about “Short men” when she got questiond about it. But thankfully, I screenshot it. She basically has a hatred of “short men” and says men under 6′ tall shouldn’t have rights. And she also said “grow already” . So it’s ok for her to make fun of men!!!!! but she threw a temper tantrum when someone called her a tranny look alike. She defends and goes hard for the rights of transgenders! but men?? oh it’s ok to disrespect men!