is Joanna Zailin a former floozy?

is Joanna Zailin a former floozy?

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Some people say Joanna Zeitlin residing in West Palm Beach Florida was (or still is)is an floozy that has slept with over 500 men, most married, and has been working the game for the past 10 years mostly in South Florida. She has allegedly gained financial success in the floozy industry and is known in the secret community for her “kinky role playing services” and “unique acts and techniques” and making her clients fantasies come true. Joanna currently fronts what appear to be a normal conservative day to day life. Her current boyfriend is a FL resident and gun fanatic Adam Ludwin who was probably also one of her former clients. Both are known throughout West Palm Beach and Del Rey Beach, FL for their “anything goes” swinger parties. one would think Joanna currently has enough excitement in her life and her escort life is in the past. However, in an unfortunate turn of events, recently Joanna quietly took on a new Miami client seeking discrete sexual services later to learn that her new client was one of her current boyfriend Adam Ludwin’s former college friends. Oops! But it gets better… Rumor has it that Adam found out when his friend told him about this new floozy he has been seeing gave him DRDs and he was freaking out. He showed Adam a picture of the girl he hired and to Adam’s surprise it was her girlfriend Joanna! Don’t be fooled by her polished clean-cut look she is approachable for the right price, but make sure you way out the risk/reward being that she is DRD positive. You may get more than you bargained for. As a former colleague of her I could not sit on my hands and keep my opinion quiet about Joanna’s slamming and disturbing behavior. I felt the need to write about this so people considering hiring Joanna for her service know the potential risks. Proceed with caution with shit one, good luck!

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  1. Fitness-nerdApril 23, 2019 at 12:40 PM

    Wow! It is amazing how envious people can be. I don’t know this girl to be honest but I have met Priscilla and Taciana through a great friend and they are both very sweet, good heart, intelligent girls. Not sure where the lesbian part is coming from but don’t believe that to be accurate at all either. Anyhow that alone discredit this lunatic behind this crazy post about this obviously fitness enthusiast and mother. And even if this girl went through all that it’s said above, it only shows how strong and determined she is to follow her own path after all that. So get a life loser. And don’t be so hateful.