Jesus Manuel Olave Jr. of Wichita

Jesus Manuel Olave Jr. of Wichita

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, ladies, watch out for this “man” Jesus Manuel Olave Jr. He goes around and has kids with multiple women then refuses to take care of them. He will post on Facebook pictures to make it look as if he takes care of his kids, but in all reality he is nothing but an every other weekend babysitter. He goes to court and makes claims that these children are not his to dodge child support but turn around and claim them on his taxes before the mother files hers because he cannot keep a job and needs the money. He is a Wichita wanna be thug and a women beater. He likes to talk a big game, but once confronted in perso,n he will run into hiding. Appearing in many southwest productions “music videos” looking like a complete joke. Check out his rap sheet he has multiple DV charges. If you are a under age girl watch out he is on the prowl for you!! Stay clear!!!

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  1. AssembledAugust 15, 2018 at 2:15 AM

    If you couldn’t tell this one was a loser before you banged him, enjoy the love child and shut up.