Mistie D. Blanton — Community Cum Bucket

Mistie D. Blanton — Community Cum Bucket

THE DIRTY ARMY: Mistie is what you can call the communities dope hoe/ there is nothing she wont do for a hit of dope from inserting anything anywhere for anyone. the true definition of ratchet sloot and dont seem to care who knows it. she claims to be in a relationship with a guy ten yrs younger than her but is actually nothing but him and his families live in hoe until she run out of what she just made which is never much then he put her out so she goes to an older retired pimp black guy that he share her with any and all that visit him when she is around he drives a Benz owns a new truck a couple of small businesses but refuse to let her ride anywhere claiming she nasty and only good not to sell but pay off debts known to have videos of from aerosol cans produce two fists or anything else he can find then puts it on film. she does it for a meal and for a place to rest when he dont have company which is seldom not. take it she only maybe 95 lbs on a good week she has taken on three indowed black guys in every hole with three waiting in turn this is on a regular basis and still made to walk she has such an addiction dont know if its sex meth or crack but dont take much of one to get a lot of the otherwhile she tells her whoa as me life story and how she started colledge years ago until she take another d1ck in her mouth which everyone says aint that good at. claims to be an angel that drinks vodka steadily from dusk till dusk had an drd three times in the last six months they say from the mouth even though she dont mind only true soldiers will go anywhere else seeming after an aerosol can falls out all else may not be man enough but is his m. she has three kids with three different dads and the dads found out about her and took them to raise themselves while she whine about how some other dope slore has stole her life and man that she was cheating on all the while known to chase sacks getnothing but apromise on giving her credit. she not only easily manipulated known to beleive anything had multiple socalled relationships wethonly felons knowone else will have her she thirty four look fourty four bumbs off her mother because she try to sell pu55y get drunk and hi then give it away to all thats around stay broke kids dont respect hershe wanna still try to talk sh1t but an easy blow job or piece of a55 whether car alley or under a bridge this the sloot to get but remember she probably got an drd so strap up. could of done better than she do.


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  1. Started to fall for me...November 18, 2018 at 12:37 AM

    100% correct. TBH, not sure about that sex with three black guys with three more waiting but everything else 100% the truth she’s a nasty joke or Express DRDs luckily I never got one she sucks at sucking d1ck and she sucks it f****** so don’t waste your time anyway

  2. big brothers protectorSeptember 25, 2018 at 9:28 PM

    i believe she the same chick use to belong to my brother. if so yep no bondaries for a little bit of nothing

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