Shawn Stietz – Diseased snake

Shawn Stietz – Diseased snake

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Shawn is a man wh*re who loves to manipulate women. He’s already got an DRD because he can’t keep his d in his pants. He’s great at making women feel like they did something wrong. Jennifer Alberts just keeps taking it and him back, along with other stupid females. He likes d*ck from the guys too! I’ve seen him suck c*ck and take it up the Hershey highway so consider that before you let him near you. He’s disgusting!

— OP I haven’t travelled that road before nor do I want any directions.

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  1. Jens bodyguardJune 15, 2018 at 8:44 PM

    The bi*** that wrote this is dirty dirty slore. Cheated on Shawn over and over and over and still Shawn tried to forgive – but the slut just liked strange d**k too much. He finally got the courage to tell the hooker to move along. Shawn didn’t meet Jen until he was done this ugly slore.

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