What I Really Think About My Sister Kayla Marlow

What I Really Think About My Sister Kayla Marlow

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, in case you haven’t heard, my sister Kayla Marlow has recently been outed on the internet for the following picture, she thinks this is okay and completely normal, hell there are even people defending her actions. This has blown up all across Cyberspace and several articles from all over the world have been written about this. From the Uk to Australia, so yes this is my older sister Kayla, and I will now explain why I think she is stupid in her actions.

Regardless of my feelings and opinions on Cannabis consumption while breastfeeding/pregnant this picture proves just how delusional she is. She thinks there is nothing wrong with what she is doing here.

You shouldn’t (in my opinion and several medical professionals opinions) smoke marijuana while holding your child. This is appalling and I am sorry to say I am not the least bit suprised. She has always, consistently made terrible decisions involving herself and her children. Perhaps, as we all hope she see’s the error in her life and will make a change for the better, alas I can say I doub this.

Despite the many chances she has had, this woman has never done anything but make piss poor decisions, regardless of whether she has had the tools to make her life better. Whether it was stripping or literally taking diapers back so she can buy a bag of weed, she has always thought only of herself. I cannot for the life of me express the horror I see when I witness my nieces be treated this way. However I have no bearing in their lives as she hasn’t allowed me to see my niece in almost 4 years. Please, in the future. Whether you partake while breastfeeding, make the right decision. At least go in the other room. Do not be this, let her serve as an example of What NOT to do.

I truly hope she see’s this, I hope she is incurring the full wrath she has wrought upon herself. In closing, I believe we should all be more mindful of what we post to public forums and the actions we Allow our children to witness us seeing. Do not teach our youth, people like this are the norm. America, we are better than this.

You sound like an amazing brother- with a great heart. Please stay passionate my son… it will only make you an even more amazing uncle.- nik


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  1. Mcgruff the CrimedogJune 1, 2018 at 7:17 AM

    Dude stfu you are what is wrong with the world

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