Psychopath Alert


THE DIRTY ARMY: DEADBEAT ‘DAD’ ALERT!!! Nik, meet this lying waste of a ‘sperm donor,’ Nathan Michael Honaker. You may have met him if he’s came to your door trying to sign you up for the Just Energy scam he works for. His child’s mother filed for child support from him months ago. As these pictures display, he was notified of being served and owing child support. He lied to both them and the child’s mother about not having a job/being broke, thus he is not being obligated to pay currently, claims he’ll owe money ‘when he gets hired.’ HOWEVER, as you can see in the other photos, HE DOES STILL HAVE HIS JOB, has been receiving checks, and STILL LIES AND HASN’T PAID A CENT FOR A CHILD HE HELPED CREATE. In fact, he states that he’s receiving a fat wreck check. A wreck check is typically close to a thousand dollars if not multiple thousands. Also, note in other photos, him with glow sticks and alcohol in the background recently, and unfortunately it won’t let me upload more photos, but there are comments about partying with his friends! Also not enough photos allowed to be uploaded, but there are time stamps in the photos, and the recent date with the same time in photos as proof of their accuracy and current validation. ALSO HE HAS BEEN USING PICTURES OF THE SON AND POSTING THEM ON HIS FACEBOOK AND TALKING AS IF HE’S A GREAT FATHER WHO’S THERE FOR HIS SON ETC ETC WHEN THOSE ARE PICTURES THAT THE MOTHER TOOK IN HER OWN TIME. HE NEVER EVEN CONTACTS HER ABOUT THEIR SON! In fact, he IGNORED her texts about child support, yet replied to his girlfriend on Facebook instead, which there is also photo proof of! ALSO, HE EVEN TRIED TO SWINDLE THE CHILD AND MOTHER OUT OF MONEY BY OFFERING TO CLAIM SON ON TAXES IN EXCHANGE FOR A CHUNK OF THE MONEY, DESPITE THE MOTHER BEING THE ONLY ONE PAYING FOR AND RAISING THE CHILD! He also convinced many that the child’s mother was ‘crazy’ and the liar, while he had his friends screaming in her face and saying she needed God. When the reality is she was telling the truth the whole time! He also had been cheating on her while they were together, and again made everyone think she was paranoid and crazy and that it was untrue how she’d seen texts/photos/etc, yet when they split, less than two weeks later guess who he was dating/sleeping with/living with? Yup, the office thot. Also office thot’s who he spends his money on other than the pills and booze, instead of the child. And yet despite all of this, he still presents himself as an acceptable ‘father.’ He also has the mother blocked on Facebook so she wouldn’t see this, but the truth always finds its way back to the woman and mother scorned. Gosh this pisses me off, Nik. The mother is a really good person/mother. She was pregnant as a minor, had the baby as an adult, and the ‘father’ is four years older. There’s no reason someone younger can do everything for the child and he can’t. WELL HERE’S THE TRUTH AND PROOF ABOUT THIS DISGUSTING WASTE OF A HUMAN EXISTENCE!

NRP Episode 11  –  The Escort Diaries (Part Two)

The continuation of 'The Escort Diaries' from last episode. Trixie finally opens up about her sex addiction and describes specific sexual encounters with both men and women. Lastly, she shares the key elements for regaining her lost body and soul.

Danielle Rusnak makes me wanna yak


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this trifling female right here is Danielle. She lives in Lakewood. Nasty bitch is a thirsty ass thot. She’s so thirsty that she’s glued to POF dating site. She meets up with desperate young women and tries to force them to stay at her house. She targets younger women that have no car to drive themselves away from her. Then she expects them to fck her to get a ride home. Not only that she has been known to try and split up marriages. While she’s underground playing in dirt her so called gfs are bringing other women and men to her house to fck. And she’s Olay wig it because no one will stay with her. Desperate and dirty. She literally will sleep with anyone. She has been known to let men c&m on that bird beak and stay trying to say she’s gay though. Not only that her roommate said that she’s burning with the incurable, drd. Nasty hoe spreading disease and waste everywhere. She even takes trips to other countries and fucks people. Worldwide nasty.

Painesville Trash


THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Carisa Ann Lawrence from Painesville ..A Fat Fake disgusting trashy POS unfit mother a whore with multi personality disorder who lives in “Argonne Arms” She put her two beautiful babies in danger with child abuse choosing “the weird kid in school” Neil Charles Gatchel who confessed to kicking the kids crawling on ground and using a pillow to get them to stop crying and go to sleep WHICH IS WRONG he is a drug junkie that Lives in Fairport Harbor a man with a history of violence on woman and children and no morals looks like trash can ed from sesame street in person over a Handsome classy man from Mentor Ohio who at least had a heart & standards unlike her She then Left Nick and used him for all he had.. she works at gas stations to meet creepy guys to flirt & sleep around with she couldn’t handle leaving the house being lazy and too lazy enough to feed her own son and take him to the Doctors when needed. She’s known for Sleeping around with her sisters cheating on their boyfriends she even slept with her sisters ex fiance when her sister was working. She worked at the Cove bar in Geneva on the lake strip when she was 18 with her hillbilly coke head stepdad who had been kicked out the bar for being a nuisance and sleeping with bar owner to work there talk about a career she also dated a 35 year old when she hit 18 disgusting right? Whats wrong with dating people in your age group? not someone who could be your dad? She also let mexicans from Painesville pick her up from New york when she was stranded & fuked them but claims she got raped because shes embarrassed to claim it.. She don’t even clean up after herself for weeks she lies about “dying from cancer” for attention and visits the hospital for excuses and attention gets more trashy right? Don’t know if i should continue? Who lives like this and don’t have standards? What 20 year old girl brainwashes a boy at the age of 16 drags 5 years out his life gets him close to her family makes two babies just to dump him for a low life scumbag and brakes his heart & leave him on the street.. Guess it was no true love this is an good example of how fucked up females are around here sugar daddy wanting downgrading sluts but they want loyalty? We call BULLSHIT! Pray For them beautiful babies they get back to their father and this cunt gets help!

Smelly Lauri Kelly


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Lauri Kelly,an athletic trainer for Barberton high school and known scat fetishist. She posts on Fetlife and Craigslist begging for partners to satisfy her kinks. She actually paid a prostitute in Akron to take laxatives and to defecate on her. This would be fine if she didn’t constantly brag about it to everyone she meets! Please bitch keep that gross shit (no pun intended) to yourself!

Candie Ann Carter is Filthy


THE DIRTY ARMY: Candie Carter is a known prostitute. Shes been arrested for this. She might seem like an easy fun time but she comes with consequences..the major one is Genital drd…she loves to snort xanax and ambien and doesnt have custody of her daughter cuz shes too busy being a career hooker and doing drugs.

100% Narcissistic


THE DIRTY ARMY: attention ladies…this man is a complete narcissistic… he will come off extremely charming and all you will see at first is everything that he wants you to see…he is extremely ambitious,will show you how charitable he claims to be, has a great job and properties in southern ohio.. and grand dreams. everyone who has never lived with him will tell you what an awesome fella he is. you will see red flags along the way but he will also show you things that make him seem like such a wonderful person which will have you doubting these red flags. when i first started dating him, he didnt drink, was very spiritual, told me of all kinds of wonderful stories about how he has helped people and did good deeds that first year that i did see first hand. i admit it.. i thought that he was sent from God. i helped him build a wonderful home (free labor lol) in southern ohio in the middle of the woods with a rolling river out the back of the house. then he asked me to live with him there. he knew that i never have been baptised so he arranged for me to get baptised in our river.. what a wonderful fella right? fast forward… all this man talked about was hisself, if you could get a word in every now and then it would be surprising, after living there 2 years,( by the way he promised he would never marry again and that he would make you partner in all your endevores together) then he completely changed.. i found myself responsible for all the bills of both properties with no money of my own for anything while he had all his funds freed up to spend however he chose, and spend money he did. all decisions were his, it was his way or no way at all times. with him working up north during the week and only home on weekends i found myself totally responsible for the care of the homestead,paying all bills, babysitting his grandchildren, autisic son, and a child not his but verbally adopted from his last girlfriend on weekends when he brought them with him while he was out running around visiting neighbors or working on his properties. the last two years of our four years of living together, he didnt ever tell me i was appreciated, all i did was expected, “after all i was the one who lived there mostly”pretty much ignored me till time for after inviting me to share his life down south, he started resenting me being able to live there while he couldnt because of his job..(his choice to work north by the way) he became very cold if i didnt do as he wanted. would go weeks ignoring me and when he was home towards the end all he did was whine and complain,started drinking,spiritualness was out the door two years prior.. so when i decided enough was enough..he acted so angry, said he thought it was forever. actually think his anger truly was because now he’d have to pay those bills and find someone else to step into my gullible shoes and help babysit and take care of his properties’.so beware ladies..he seems like an absolute wonderful catch, and maybe if you are a good girl enough he just might see how valuable you are. hahaha no one and i mean no one can be good girl enough for that man, i know because i am the ultimate good girl in a relationship…but wait, maybe if you have a great credit score! name…kenny k.

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