Selling it by the pound


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, gets Cassandra Mercedes santiago selling her nasty ass by the pound. She not picky either expect with the black men. chick smoked cr**k and sniffs her**n and begs niggas to suck their dicks just for a hit. Compass west Apts in Youngstown Ohio prostituting in front of her son with a house full of drugs and other prostitutes running around half naked. She’s seeking her body on everyday find three somes for free and being a lot lizard in all the local truck stops. She’s a thief, promising John’s a good time only to drug then and Rob them! She’s been with men who have drd and she also mess with dykes who have BLUE WAFFLE DISEASE! If you see her run the other way. DO NOT call her or respond to her ads. She’s a complete nut case!

Setup Artist in AA


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, her name is Nicole McClure Zefo. Claims to be married but sets men up for mobey saying that she needs money to visit her childrem. Goes to the m**h clinic on Euclid avenue in Cleveland ohio and then uses the men at the salvation army which is next door for money….she will also set you up to be robbed by her her**n addict husband Charlie Zefo….both losers if you are in AA or NA dont give this tramp nothing …she will try and have you k”led

Queen of Jockstraps


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I used to date this tramp. She was pretty good in the sack, but found out as of recent she pitched more balls than Dennis Eckersley. She cheated on me with some outfielder for Cleveland State. I THEN come to find out she cheated on him with 2 guys at once from another college baseball team. It was a good source (her grade school friend) that I am trying to bone now. At least maybe I can ruin a friendship. What’s with athletes? Guess a fit businessman isn’t cutting it these days. I wish she’d get with the times and quit dressing like chief wahoo. Not like he’s going to even be our mascot much longer

Emily Wallace Loves To Photoshop

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this fake hair, fake tan, fake eyelashes and padded bra tramp is Emily (Eileen) Wallace. Besides sleeping with everyone for money despite age, weight and race, she photoshops herself so bad just for attention and comments. Photos don’t bend NATURALLY!!!

Maybe photos do bend and we are all just idiots.- nik

Classic Stripper


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, another “gangsta” white girl in Cleveland. (Honestly, we deserve better), Heres some info on this sloot. She dances downtown, she smokes 5 packs of cigs a day and gets wasted until 5am or 6 am daily. Dont even get me started on her gross apartment. Cig burns in the carpet, no dishes. and the unpleasant smell of stripper vag and sweat. I encountered this tramp a few weeks ago leaving a bar. We ended up back at her place. Before i even get the chance to take my jacket off shes on her knees. (did not mind), Shes extremely good at sucking at greg. she takes me to her room, she sits me on the bed and removes her panties, Her p*uss* lips almost fell to her knees. They were plump, used up, and beaten. I still went along with it. she told me that if i can make her squirt that i can bust in her.(Not that i even wanted too) I had a condom on. [removed]. Gross yes. and thats when i noticed how bad she smelled.  She then goes on a drunken rant “that her man is locked up” and how black dudes run tra’ns on her. (explains why shes so loose and gross looking). This girl has smashed over 100 dudes in cleveland, and all over when she follows Machine Gun Kelly throughout the midwest, she has the c**p, and most likely another undiscovered drd not yet known to man. This chick smells like stale cigs, stripper oil, tuna fish, crusty socks and cat sh’t. Her apartment is stained yellow from the stench.

Still Big in Da Land


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy dan comes up 2 my bar and uses gift certificates. he tried to hit on me. he was rude and tipped bad. I found out from my friend who works at hustler that he pays one of the girls for sex at a hotel. seems really sik because he has been in our bar with his family. we found out some more dirt on him and guess he has a taxi company in cleveland and has his friends+customrs pay two others hos for sex and he gets some of the cash for the connection. gross. we arent in las Vegas???

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