Daddy’s Little 34 Year Old Princess Needs Some Attention


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, “No More Baggage” co-star brought to you by Cleveland, Ohio.  She is daddies little princess and a huge spender of his money.  She is an infamous snorter of anything you put in front of her.  Put a kid in the hospital then put herself on a TV show with pops money… desperate for attention much?  She is 34 and has the worst wrinkles.  Grow the hell up, you are 34 years old.

NRP Episode 11  –  The Escort Diaries (Part Two)

The continuation of 'The Escort Diaries' from last episode. Trixie finally opens up about her sex addiction and describes specific sexual encounters with both men and women. Lastly, she shares the key elements for regaining her lost body and soul.

Super Creep Paul Simoneau


THE DIRTY ARMY: Super creepy sex offender Paul Simoneau likes to take selfies. He’s a joke. 40 year old loser ghetto trash won’t even wipe the jizzum stains off his mirror before taking his fancy pics. A 40 year old “man” doing this. Lol he’s a clown. Ape faced punk.

Claims to be a Model

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Terra Incognita who’s real name is Juanita Thornton claims to be a model and occasionally does BDSM and fetish stuff fact is she’s a whore !! She did a porno 2 years ago for kink where 5 guys banged her in the ass “real classy ” she says she works at a burlesque place but all I see is her working at red door selling her ass all she is is a stuck up over priced hooker

Trashley Wells


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik the old hag on the left is Tr(ashley) Wells. You can catch her and a couple drd’s at the crazy horse. She has a big ass gut and yellow chipped teeth comparable to a meth addict’s. This bitch has a big ass mouth and thinks she’s the shit maybe someone should let her know she needs to tone it down. Oh and lay off the tanning you look 50 at 20 something

CLE Snitch


THE DIRTY ARMY: For all you bitches who think this dudes a savage here’s a wake up call. This is Daniel Lemasters. He punked out and plead insanity on a burglary charge that he committed. He kicked in the door yet my boys doing his time? Who’s a real man, not Daniel aka BOOG. It’s whatever. He’s a snitch. So I’d watch being around him. If shit hits the fan he’s gonna walk while you do time cause he will cry and put the blame on you like he did to his own family two. Real savage we got here aye? Hope you like karma bro. Cause that bitch will get your ass.

Jessica Mendez


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this girl Jessica let the father of her four year old daughter lure her into dropping serious charges on him in return for a chance to get back together. This poor child was abused by her dad so bad that she had a fractured skull. The fathers girlfriend (don’t remember her name) apparently worked her ass off to take care of and provide for the daughter. She did a better job taking care of the little girl then both her parents. I just learned that the father was abusing the girl friend too and putting her in the hospital after hitting her repeatedly with a metal dog leash. The mother of the little girl is pregnant with her fourth child with three different baby’s fathers while also living off welfare out of her parents house. No job or education. Just babies! The poor children of hers will never have the life they deserve because their “mother” won’t ever be able to provide for them. Jessica, (the mom) has had a crazy obsession with the father (Teddy) for years after being split up. She had him arrested for assaulting the baby and was trying to get him locked away, but then switched gears and decided to take it as an opportunity to try and get him back. So the father is sitting in county jail awaiting sentencing while Jessica is now secretly trying to get back with him and they come up with a concoction to try and blame the incident on his girlfriend. So here she is still technically married to Teddy (but separated for years) and has a child with him then she dates a guy named for Patrick who fathers two more kids she pops out and then after him the biggest bum of them all comes around and gets her pregnant with her fourth. His names John and they claim to be “engaged” but she’s making future plans with the JAIL BIRD at the same time and behind Johns back. The mother contributed to making the marks and the story worse so that it hit local news. Jessica then began starting to “collect donations” to pay for medical bills and the news released that the child had government welfare insurance and that all medical bills were covered fully. Then she made tshirts and started selling them off of Facebook. Word is she is trying to collect money to support her “fiancé” and his drug use because they both are unemployed dirty trash. Her children wear shoes and clothes 1-2 sizes smaller than their correct size snd the daughters hair is never combed, always a mess wearing dirty clothes, dirt on her face, hands and feet. Her teeth rotting away on the top front because the mother still gives her a bottle with a nipple (she’s 5 years old now). She didn’t potty train the little girl till she was almost four and that was cause the dads girlfriend did it. She sends her little girl anywhere abd everywhere and half the time wearing no panties or even shoes. She feeds the kids nothing but TV dinners and ramen noodles everyday. She is not a good person at all, no matter what kind of show she tries to put on everyone knows the truth about her. She doesn’t deserve to be a mother and she deserves to be behind bars just like his ass. I got information that she’s facing charges in the near future and will most likely have her children taken away from her. This is not okay for a mom to neglect and endanger her children this way. She’s a POS along with the abusive father! The only innocent people are the little girl and the girlfriend. These sick twisted parents are in for a rude awakening! Don’t have kids if you can’t provide them what they need!! Mommy of the year right there. It don’t get much worse. Those poor children. Smh

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