Best Jamaican Gays

THE DIRTY ARMY: In January 2014 I went to Jamaica these guys fck each other for more than a week. They sold the videos all over the wold. They did lots of crazy stuff they all must make millions from those videos. They are from Montego Bay in Jamaica.

Drake vs. Lil Wayne Concert Tour


The joint headlining tour marks the first time the two artists have toured together. Get your ticket now!

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Shady Rave Promoters

THE DIRTY ARMY: Be on a look out for a guy named Chris Grant. He narced and moved to Colorado. He deals drugs to young girls and his father is filthy rich .. Do not sell or buy from him , it will just come back to haunt you. The picture posted, he is the one on the left. He recently through a party in colorado.. There is numerous rumor coming this way about him. Why does a guy with filthy rich parents sell drugs?

Frat Boys Plead Guilty To Bear Mace Shenanigan

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this past 4th of July these two idiots at Sigma Phi Epsilon, Stephen Armbruster and Robert McManus, went on a bear macing rampage in retaliation for their fraternity house letters being stolen. They drunkenly got on a scooter and headed towards their target. But instead, they though it would be funny to spray the repellent into a party that happen to be going on Zeta Beta Tau’s front lawn. BAD IDEA! The wind shifted, and it hit a lot of people, also they crashed the scooter and were arrested soon after. The other day 21 year old McManus pleaded guilty to first-degree criminal trespassing. Meanwhile, Armbruster, also 21, pleaded guilty to third-degree assault. I swear, frat guys are such idiots sometimes. Would you have been in a frat and done drunken shenanigans like that Nik?

I was in a Frat (Sigma Pi) and I dominated.- nik

James Holmes Is An Imposter


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, word going around is that this whole ‘Dark Knight Rises’ massacre is one big conspriacy.  What are your thoughts?  The image sure does make sense, I’m sure you’ll blame Obama.

Gayden: that’s what his face looked like before he got plugged in the butt

Sorry, but I think it’s the same guy.- nik

Is This Really The Same Guy

Same Guy?

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, since you are the master of plastic surgery I’m curious to know why the images of James Holmes are so different. The first and the third image definitely look alike but the middle one clearly does not. The first is reportedly an image of of him in high school, the second an image given to authorities via his college and the third is obviously his recent mug shot. I could understand if the second and third looked alike I’m thinking that perhaps he’d had some work done. However, his nose goes from skinny to fat back to skinny. What gives?

What about the massive change in eye color? It is the same guy though… I can tell by the ears.- nik

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