Columbus Motorcycle Trash

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This bitch here is Deana Monteiro from Columbus,OH. She thinks she is the most bad ass bitch around town, just because she owns a motorcycle. She is a HUGE slut and will f*ck any guy who pays attention to her! She has the body of a 12 year old, completely flat chested. I’m Surprised she hasn’t gotten +2s yet, hell she needs to! This slut is a friend hopper, she’ll throw anyone under the bus for some dick. She will even steal her friends men just to feel better about herself. Her favorite color is purple, like her bruised up loose vag from being pounded out so much. She’ll let you stick it in anywhere. She is obsessed with yoga and prides on how flexible she is, Go figure. She is straight trash! My friend dated her and caught genital **rts! Sick bitch. So guys, watch out if you don’t wanna catch a case! And ladies, when you’re visiting her at Salon Lofts To get your nails done PLEASE think twice , you have NO idea where those nasty hands have been! Reality check time, Deana! Grow up and quit letting every dude stick their dick in you!

NRP Episode 11  –  The Escort Diaries (Part Two)

The continuation of 'The Escort Diaries' from last episode. Trixie finally opens up about her sex addiction and describes specific sexual encounters with both men and women. Lastly, she shares the key elements for regaining her lost body and soul.

Burger King Employee Snaps

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, a group of pro life students were sharing their message downtown today when this unknown Burger King employee confronted them and started going crazy. I can understand having a different opinion or even getting upset about it but why start smashing things and cursing at people like that? What do you make of this?

She looks like a Whopper.- nik

Amanda Cox/Mandie Mayheam can’t cover the truth

THE DIRTY ARMY: She ends to stop trying to cover the truth up, she’s not a personal trainer she’s a mth head hooker. I find it funny she is posting on Facebook about burning sage, to rid her self of negititve people. When she is the most horrid person I have ever met. She is trying to hard to cover up what she is and it never lasts. Since I’ve known her she has took pride in making a girl commite **cide from having sex with her husband, and destroying a family and taking a guy away from his 2 kids,bragged about being the lead singer of fadder heads ohio groupie, just to name a few of the things she would cry about and try and be the victim. She has be nasty since high school she’s always been ducking peoples boyfriends, because no guy will date her. and if she thinks her fake teeth are covering anything she’s dumber then I thought. She should have saved up and got a nose job. She claims that she’s not a hooker he police record days different.

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Couple a Cons

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Ben Damron and Becca Perkins, but he goes by Bj Baldwin and she calls herself Becca Baldwin. Theyre both addicted to heroine, i dated him for years, he’s cheated on every girlfriend he’s ever had. She has a two year old who she badically abandoned, dropped him off at bens sisters house and didn’t come back for two months, wouldn\’t even answer the phone when the kid was sick and needed medical attention. then took him for a month or so, keeping him out yaking him to hpuses w drugs till 4 am regurally, then just dropped him off one day saying she couldn\’t take care of him. she skipped court for custody because she wasn\’t going to win anyways. mother of the year, to top it all off, she had 5 different guys tested before she found the father, only after she got busted out for lying to a great guy for the first six months of the child’s life. its disgusting. He does tattoos, says h’s lisenced, but he foesnt have any certifacations, he was supposed to apprentace a real tattoo artist a while back, but got a tattoo gun off the owner at the shop (SicWitted Tattoos) and never paid for it so he couldn’t go back. the worste part is, he often reuses needles and tells people he just sat it up right before they got there. he\’s done some good tattoos, but most end up looking like junk, and he’s posted pictures on fb of tattoos he’s found online by other artists claiming tbeyre his work quite a few times. they’ve been evicted from every apartment they’ve managed yo get within 2-3 months and squat there until their stuff is physically removed from the property. they find friends to stay w “for a couple weeks with agreements to give them money, then never pay, trash your house, rarely shower, do laundry maybe once a month, and refuse to leave. they’re dirty, strung out, and use people as much as possible. a few months ago, he went to jail for shoplifting from meijers, his bail was $50, she was aking everyone for money to get him out saying his bail was $100.. and she slept with a guy for heroine while he was in jail. stay away from them both. they’re both dirty scum… they go from Columbus, ohio to Delaware, ohio were staying in Dublin, ohio along with Dayton, ohio. but mostly columbus.

Amanda Cox/Mandie Mayheam Follow Up



THE DIRTY ARMY: Here is some proof she is a drd carrying prostitute. Girl is drama. She was arrested a few more times, but this was the only thing I could find. goggled her name and found some interesting pictures. I have met her and she is as fake as her hair,tan and teeth. You can see she has no teeth in the pictures. M*th not even once.

Molly Connor

THE DIRTY ARMY: Molly Connor is a whore and a homewrecker. This sleeze should have been posted on here a long tme ago. She has deffiantly takes the cake for the biggest slut in Columbus. Was once the OSU camus slut but has completely earned her new title. Shes one of those girls that will fck anything she can, just for the attention and beer. Everyone knows that super drunk chick that trys to dance on a table and falls off? Yeah well this one is like that but more on the sleezey side of things.Shes even been known to make out with her cousin just to grab everyones attention at the party. Shes prefers married&commited men. Shes known to brag about spliting couples up and even talked about trying to suduce a married man that had a wife who was 5 months pregnant. How stupid he was for getting married and that it didnt mean he couldnt still fck her. He must have known what kind of whore she is. She kept presuing him after his child was born. Its really sad whores can’t respect another’s marriage or reationship let alone themselves. Man or Woman she will fck you and spread her diease. In the pictures she’s making out with another “attn.skanky” that frequesnt campus parties. They would slut it up for free beer and make a show of it for people to take pics and video. A word of advise, if your going to put on a show and be a whore why not just become a prostitiue and get paid more than a 6pk. If your lookin for an easy lay shes it but beware you can smell this fishy bitch a mile away.

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