Dan the sociopath


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Dan is a manipulative liar he will be charming and romantic at the beginning and than throw u through a whole up and down situation . He is a pathological liar who believes his own lies … Lol he will pretend he sees a future with you so he will benefit himself …. He has nothing lol he is running from the CRA and will lie to get what he wants . He has nothing to show for the gold money he makes … And he is obsessed with guns and pretty sure he makes love to them … He has drd . And does not share that with any girl he rather just sleep around with DIRTY girls . He will take and take and not do anything . Watch out ladies !!!!!

Tiffany Duffy loves it


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, we met up with a buddy and he brought somecrystal m**h junkie psycho To meet her. She fu’*s this crystal  junkie no condom within an hour of meeting him. He stole his baby moms MasterCard and used it to pay for room at scummy good knight inn in Langley. Then baby mom shows up to get her card and the fu’ing guy pulls out a knife almost cuts her hand right off. It was just kinda hanging off her arm. So she goes to hospital. While she’s getting her hand sewn back on tiffany and him spend next two days smoking gak and and banging. Then when his baby mom gets out hospital he totally ditched Tiffany lmao wouldn’t even drive her home. Next Day he calls her crying. Turns out they did about blood test at the hospital and she found out she was drd-positive and he got tested and had the h*** too. She panics starts telling me they never used anything for protection. She got him to blow his loads up her ass every time so she wouldn’t get pregnant. Dirty slut. She still hasn’t even gone to get checked and this was like 3 months ago.

PC rat goof


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Andrew Lee is the fakest person you could ever chill with. He’ll backstab you any chance he gets and steals from the people he calls his “homies”. He’s stolen sh’t from friends in my own house, he stole out of my friends purses, he robbed a kids house for his iPhones and called the police to try to get my friend friends arrested. Not only that but he shoplifts and gets arrested every time he gets the chance which is stupid because people use him for his money drugs and alcohol. He chills with losers and he is one himself. I’ve never met such a f’ked up kid he’s a manipulative p’sy who claims he’s hardcore but gets beat up all the time by people older than him because he’s a liar, a snitch a rat and a thief. He puts all his money to drugs pooks out on Molly, fentanyl, and Xanax. he can’t handle anything on his own has to call his older bro and f-boy friends for backup but can’t do shit. the kid has nothing else to do with his life because he’s a goof!!! He has no respect for women which is obvious because he has sex with ugly 13 year old middle schoolers. he’s a creepy ugly lookin mother fucker who forces girls to have sex with them and rapes them when a girl is drugged or intoxicated at lg parties. To list more he’s unhygienic, spreads the DRD, is a juvenile delinquent and claims he can fuck anyone up and knock anyone out. everyone speculates the reason why he is the way he became is because his dirty welfare ho of a mother abuses him. hes bitchmade and if you ever come across this piece of shit of a person beware and steer clear because he doesn’t see the value of friendship or anything

Successful Government Employee


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, not exactly sure what crawled up this moronic loser’s ass and died, but he seems to think his sh’t don’t stink. He likes to initiate conversation by requesting that you consider doing repulsive things, and upon your decline of his proposition carries on by calling you names, and a battering ram full of petty insults. In an attempt to boost his own ego. It’s clear this guy has no class as it is, let alone game. Hopefully his own stupidity will be his demise.

Manipulative Notch


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl not only has the biggest forehead my eyes have ever seen, but her mouth never rests. She is the biggest story teller ever and she is a rat too. The lies never stop with this girl and she bounces from guy to guy making up stories like that she has been pregnant more than twice and “aborted” her child. She has been telling people that she got kidnapped and injected with her**n by some 25 year old guys, and saying that she somehow got away and proceeded to have a shoot out with them. She’s also claiming that she was 13 when this happened. She picks on weaker people, picks them apart and goes and claims she is a peacekeeper and is anti-bullying. She is a huge hypocrite. The worst part is a lot of people believe her and follow her. Watch out, she might draw you in and back-stab you! Wouldn’t be surprised. Stay cautious and watch out for big foreheads.

The Woman Abuser


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is brandon robertson he is nothing but a loser/abuser, he’s abused his kid’s mother and doesn’t know that his kid isn’t his, he can’t even take care of himself. He was always with me and his friend’s never with his girlfriend at the time and the son that he thinks is his. he has lost me and all of his friend’s for what he has done, plus i have given him nothing but good advice before but just listened and never took ot or did something about it. So i hope this help’s every woman out there that ever meet’s him beware he’s a abuser

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