Manipulative Notch

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl not only has the biggest forehead my eyes have ever seen, but her mouth never rests. She is the biggest story teller ever and she is a rat too. The lies never stop with this girl and she bounces from guy to guy making up stories like that she has been pregnant more than twice and “aborted” her child. She has been telling people that she got kidnapped and injected with her**n by some 25 year old guys, and saying that she somehow got away and proceeded to have a shoot out with them. She’s also claiming that she was 13 when this happened. She picks on weaker people, picks them apart and goes and claims she is a peacekeeper and is anti-bullying. She is a huge hypocrite. The worst part is a lot of people believe her and follow her. Watch out, she might draw you in and back-stab you! Wouldn’t be surprised. Stay cautious and watch out for big foreheads.

The Woman Abuser

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is brandon robertson he is nothing but a loser/abuser, he’s abused his kid’s mother and doesn’t know that his kid isn’t his, he can’t even take care of himself. He was always with me and his friend’s never with his girlfriend at the time and the son that he thinks is his. he has lost me and all of his friend’s for what he has done, plus i have given him nothing but good advice before but just listened and never took ot or did something about it. So i hope this help’s every woman out there that ever meet’s him beware he’s a abuser

Free Bird

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this would be felicia bird i dont know if you got the first one i made but this b**ch lives with me rent free with her son she is nothing but a stuck up witch and someone that just likes spread her legs open of she can to any guy shes with she shows me signs of doing things but then shes always on her phone texting or talking on it with her friends and guys and she takes her 1 year old son draven outside late at night to go hang with all them or leaves him with me so she can f’ off and go get drunk then get laid like i am willing to take her son from her cause at least i put him first before anything and hes not even mine she obviously doesnt want him in her life otherwise she wouldnt be doing this to him doesnt matter ill be kicking her ass out the door before she knows it and her son can stay with me

Scumbag Khan

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, the world needs to be warned about the scumbag of the millenium. 28 year old zachary khan is known for juggling steroid needles, DC clothing from 2006, as well as multiple women at the same time. from cheating on his fiance whom he was with for 7 years with a teenager, to having 3 women calling him daddy at the same time, not including his 5 year old daughter. Zach has been recently caught for dating 3 girls at the same time. Living with girlfriend #1, working with girlfriend #2, and then found girlfriend #3 on tinder. How did the guy get off so easy?let’s stop his warpath by informing women around the world. Is this who you’d want to take home to mom??

Sarah Thinks shes can Rap

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl Sarah is an ugly dirty philipino whore who will do anything for money. She sucks guys off in public and does not know how to close her legs. She’s the fakest whore ever who sleeps with all of her friends boyfriend and her clueless boyfriend still puts up with her shady sh’t. She’s a dumb afghan wanna be who is going no where in life lol she does is smoke cra’k and do nothing with her life. Her parents are just as low as her and that’s where she gets it from. She claims that she’s the prettiest girl and the next upcoming female rapper.

Just cause you smoke weed doesn’t make you a rapper.- nik

Town Bottlerat

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, frrizzy ass midgit pepsi HEAD witch sleeping with chicks men travis miller aka tommy hooker f’en loser this trash **tch sleeps with anyones boyfriend doesnt matter no class does it while the chicks out shopping for dinner hops on the elevator sucks a dick real quick, takes his number seeing him with his gf at the time every night in the elevator then goes as far as to come downstairs when hes talking to his ex at the time to check what goes on sees he talking to her and books around a corner like the filthy scared mongrel she is choke on some more dick you filthy skank handprints on handboards and handprints on bathroom mirrors get a fucken grip you sick pig

Face by Photoshop…- nik

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