The Biggest Liar In Corpus

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Anton (A.K.A. Antwat) Kindzirski. He is the biggest liar in Corpus and he likes to hit women. I started dating him last year and fell for all his b.s.. He portrays himself as a hustler that’s makes all this money, but in reality it’s his family’s support that allows him to have his own company. When i was not spending time with him it was because I thought I was being a good girlfriend allowing him his space, but I found he was screwing his ex and screwing another stupid girl. His ex girlfriend is back with him after he has cheated on her so many times. It doesn’t end there. I get a message from one of his skanks from his past that he has a son!? The whole time I was with him I never saw this kid, which means this kid is fatherless and does not get child support. You would think the CEO of Express Cab could at least pay. Thank goodness I didn’t get pregnant, that would have been my first abortion. My last straw was when he beat me,and threw me out of house after I found out he was back with his ex. NIK put this out there for Corpus to see because his free ride needs to end.Thanks to my friends that stood by during this time.

NRP Episode 11  –  The Escort Diaries (Part Two)

The continuation of 'The Escort Diaries' from last episode. Trixie finally opens up about her sex addiction and describes specific sexual encounters with both men and women. Lastly, she shares the key elements for regaining her lost body and soul.

Jennifer Ramos

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this nasty piece of trash is Jennifer Ramos. She’s from Weslaco, Texas. She has four kids and doesn’t have custody of two. Her ex husband took her daughter from her because she allowed nasty men she brings in to touch the poor girl. She is a secretary at DelaGarza family dental. Wow I wonder if her boss likes to read the dirty. Ha! This bitch is always crying cuz she has no money for her rent but some how manages to be at every bar all over town. She dumps her kids off wherever just so she can go out and have drinks with her ratchet friends. She believes the ghetto ppl on Facebook telling her she is gorgeous. Come on Nik… Let’s tell this nasty piece of trash the truth. She’s nothing but a trashy c-m dumpster. She’s got hep***is C from her ghetto tattoos and I hear she’s also got the gift that keeps on giving… drd. So sick. I hope she’s not exposing her kids to these diseases. Can someone stop this bitch before she finds baby daddy number five… Wait unless you wanna collect child support like daddy 1 and 2… Who’s next!? It’s not hard just buy this bitch a drink and she will give it up. Tell this bitch to stay home and watch her kids… Damn bitch pay your rent… Anyone want her number?

Home Wrecking 101

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi, Nik This is Natalie Lamas or as she likes to go by Natalia. She lives in Corpus Christi, Texas. She is a home wrecker as the worst. Not only did she end a marriage with a co-worker but she would flaunt her affair around the whole entire school where they met at and in front of her students. While the students we at P.E she and her beau Kevin Johnson would lock themselves inside the room and do the nasty. Now that the marriage is over she is walking around with her nose in the air and her prize on her arm. It is time to unlock the door and let the world see what a tramp this elementary school teacher is.

James ‘the weasel’ Wally

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is James and hes a discusting little troll.. Im one of his co-workers and hes constantly going around texting his ugly photos pretending he is joking w his buddies.. He send photo w caption like ‘ just worked out like my big butt’ ewwwwwww hes vile.. Also i think he gets his rocks off by kniwing people have seen him like that.. some sicko ifyou ask me.. Hes in his late 40’s and is only 5’2 someone should fole sexual harrassment athisjob so hell be fired.. Everyone talks behind his back even his bosses… what a loser!!

Jessica Rivera

THE DIRTY ARMY: I’m putting Jessica Rivera on blast for being a shitty friend, sloppy drunk & nasty whore! This monkey looking bitch fcks all these random losers that she meets on POF or other dating sites. Its hard to keep up with all her fck buddies that she obsessed about! This girl loves to constantly complain about her love life but never takes any advice or offers to listen to any of her friends when they are having a hard time. She’s a self centered puta from Corpus that should go back. She pretends to be sweet & innocent but instead is a cum dumpster! Every month she’s scared that she’s pregnant but after all the dick she’s had I’m surprise she doesnt have any kids yet. She was even a slut back when she was married to some joke name Joseph. She’s is loose drunk is always out at bars & causing a scene. If not, she’s working with all the other whores at the VA. Its about time someone puts this ugly slut on here! If you see her…RUN! All she’ll do is go psycho on your ass & give you a DRD!

Abandoned her 4 Kids

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is April. She has 4 kids and they were all abandoned for their “future.” She originally from the Rio Grande valley but she has been everywhere and done everyone. This girl told me she fcked her married brother in law and she would fuck anyone who would buy her dinner. Before meeting her douchebag bf, she was a wreck of a mom however she still had her 4 kids. She decided to move to Houston with him and abandoned her 4 kids. She has a job and he does too however she swears that they so busy they wouldn’t have time to be there for them. She rather have her mom in Nebraska take care of them than get a babysitter. Yet she constantly posts going out with her dude and playing beer pong and constantly work out. Bitch, your like 30 and a mother of 4. Take care of your kids, bring them home! She probably still collects child support yet the kids live in another state. She living a false life, bring her back to reality.

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