Bi-sexual uses whatever he’s with for money

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, he just did three years in prison for beating his ex girlfriend he blames it on her she was always on her phone and he was J wish you would push his buttons so he doesn’t take the blame for it .maybe he just doesn’t like females they make him so angry he says.he shaves his legs and underarms his arms everything he likes anal so girls be careful out there he doesn’t like you he’s using you to make his family think he likes girls then then but in all reality he loves men and it’s his little boy’s birthday. He left behind with parents and he’s trying to ask me a female to go pretend like shes his girlfriend and everything’s so happy go lucky be careful women he is cute but he likes guys uses female’s for show and there money. He doesn’t have a car doesn’t have his own place he doesn’t have anything for himself

Calls Herself Brandi B

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this mother of 4 by 3 different men spends her days getting high and drunk and popping pills as well as partying with minors. Had her now 14 yr old son when she was 14 and just recently allowed him to drop out of school officially claiming she couldnt make him go to school… she smokes weed with him and use to let him smoke legal with her and her 5former bf 10 yrs younger and abusive now in jail. He stays between several more motherly figures or family. Her 12 yrs old daughter runs away all the time because shes starved for attention watching her mother always choose guys and sex over spending time with her. She even calls her mom a C*nt…she is apparently with a family member of this mother of the years youngest 2 daughters by the last baby daddy. He is the best father ever and always encourages Brandi to be involved and be a family, but her not wanting to be tied down ruins it every time. Shes always high or barred out. She takes advantage of older men especially though all seem drawn to her carefree manipulation. Recently stealing the older widowed man she had acquired a room froms vehicle while he wss sleeping and she was barred out…..flipped it twice and ran from, the scene. This is the 2nd SUV she has flipped in a little over a yr. And when shes in the wrong, she ignores the situation or runs her mouth with threats or childish actions. shows one example although it may be found amusing, (and if link doesnt work, just youtube Bebe beatdown) the guy getting kicked in the fkn face is 20….she is 29….shes been sleeping with him AS a renound simce he was 14…and in this video hes attacked for being tired of always just being the rebound and liking her niece. ..when she was ditching him all the timr before…. Bsd mother, party whore, and pill head princess…Rockports Finest

Town Slore and Homewrecker

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I meet this town whore/homewrecker/manipulator/slut/delusional teacher Annalisa Lara. She is from refugios homegrown slut bucket. She sleeps with her best friends ex who happened to be the father of their kids as well. She had no hesitation in doing so an perused him..hes a dog too in that. She then turns around and starts to sleep with the married fathers of the students she teaches or happens to see at the school. All true and facts because one of the many wives has left a note tellin her to stay away from her husband for all of the school to see which they did. She lies about her whole life and an abusive psychotic boyfriend to make people feel sorry for her. Which Is all a lie and just pathetic. This girl never uses protection and is a walking drd. Supposedly she has gential warts but who knows. She was a close friend of mine until I saw the real her which was someone I had to distance myself from. She thinks she’s the hottest girl on the planet but all men do is use her as a cum dump. Becareful Ingleside and surrrounding areas this whore will stop at nothing!

Homewrecker and Terrible person

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Annalisa Lara who is a special educator in Ingleside. Her hobbies includes sleeping with her best friends ex who happens to be the father her best friends children and sleeping with married men. The married man she has been sleeping with is a parent at her school. On top of those two hobbies she loves to make fictional stories about her abusive ex who chased and broke into her apt (which is all a lie). She jumps from men to men making up fictional stories to save her ass. She sleeps with a different man every day of the week. I would know I use to be a close friend of hers until I saw her true colors. which Is a shade of slut. She is a dirty ass slut who deserves to be on her. She has been under child abuse allegations since last year as well. She’s a gem. Annalisa is a liar and manipulator. She lies about everything and ANYTHING. She is officially the town whore.

Queen Trash

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this here is the self proclaimed queen boom. Bitch is straight trash claiming to be the realist and loyalist person ever to her people when it’s the farthest from that. Bitch has had a boyfriend for years now but has cheated on him since day one and the poor do don’t even know about it . She’ll go from her own man to another females man to someone who she thinks is an artist to someone who sells drugs to get something from them. She runs around bared out 24/7 thinking that shit is cute. There’s times her and her man and visit Corpus Christi and she’s supposedly at after parties or out with her friends but she’s really out f’ing other guys. She visits different cities and is a hoe in every city. She cheats on her fiancé with his own friends and people he knows. People who know her no she claims to be one of the realist loyalist person ever but I think these pictures alone will go to show she’s far from loyal to her man. Shit I bet her old man don’t even got these pictures in his phone. Bitch walking around looking like the f’ing joker acting like her shit don’t stink but it’s the farthest from that. It’s about time someone finally exposes her for the trash that she really is and anyone who sees these pictures will know it’s really her because of those lame ass rings she wears

Homewrecking Rabbit

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, look what we have here! This is Jessica aka Rose who works as a bartender at flanagans downtown. This home wrecking whore caused a woman’s marriage because she decided to have sex with this poor woman’s husband after she knew he was wife her! Discustung karma is a b’tch what comes around goes around I hope your watching your back rose! Beware of this b’tch she will sleep with your man and not even give a sh;t but Honey I hope you get yourself checked you might be a walking drd

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