One of Canada’s Dirtiest


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is a follow up post to one I made awhile back. In all truthfulness my hopes were to never have to think about, let alone post this trash ever again. Unfortunately, due to the simple fact that she hasn’t changed a bit and is still up to the same old tricks, I felt compelled to put this criminal on blast yet again. Jacqueline Marie Cottreau aka Jacqueline Marie d’Entremont is the lowest of low who will steal from you without even so much as bat of an eyelash. There is a victim’s blog out there that has numerous stories about this chicks lying and thieving ways. Type either name above into the Google and read for yourself, this chick is about as low as they come. Her own family doesn’t want anything to do with her and have posted on the blog in order to try and help people find her and hopefully recover some of their losses. Last we heard she was living in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. If this chick lives on your block, be warned, she will try and steal your man AND your wallet. Every 6 months or so she contacts my ex and begs her to take the site down claiming its ruining her life and keeping her from having a steady job. She will also cry and claim it’s ruining her kid’s lives. Under normal circumstances this is a very reasonable request, especially when she mentions her children. However, she abandoned her children when they were just little nuggets to chase some guy around the globe on the Pro Kite Tour. And to my knowledge she has had little if any contact with them since. I know this because their stepmother contacted us numerous times and even posted on the blog about Jacquie’s lies. If the kids were in anyway affected by this blog we would know, and would make the necessary changes to protect them. They have been victimized by this filth far more than any of the others that she has robbed and cheated out of tens of thousands of dollars. Sorry Jacquie, it takes more than a fairy tale of lies to get out of this one! Furthermore, Jacquie has made zero attempts to repay ANY of the “friends” she has stolen from. She just keeps playing the victim, meanwhile more and more people post to the blog and share their stories of how this chick stole from them, stole their identities, and left them in her trail of destruction. It’s truly unfortunate that somehow she has avoided any sort of formal charges. Something always comes up where the victim ends up not pressing charges and she continues to remain free. Long story short, do not trust this skank with her big smile and her +2’s, do not move in with her, do not leave anything valuable around her, don’t even give her the time of day.

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Mr. Mike Mason


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, once again we put mike mason back up on here. This guy is nasty he will cheat on you any chance he gets, and then will come back to you and say your cheating on him. He had a beautiful girlfriend who then he dumped for a dirty dog. He has 2 kids one of which he HIMSLEF put in foster care. The other which the babymother wont let him see (which we understand now) he walks around north end dartmouth saying hes gonna fight people, but when he gets confronted, he hid behid his ex girlfriend. He talks all nice and sweet and as soom as he starts “dating” you he will take you for everything that you have, your money, your car. He tried to rape my little cousin while shebwas drunk in churchill. He dated my bestfriend for 6 months and cheated on her everytime she left to go to spend the night with her mom. (Which he would also break up with her just because she went to her MOTHERs!!!!!) He walks around saying hes a blood and wears red actting hard. He pimped out his ex just so he could buy a new pair of jordans. He talks a bunch of sh*t behind peoples backs but will never think about saying it to your face. Hes living off his new womens babybouns, and driving her car. Around to see other girls. (He needs to be tought a lesson) he bought his ex a promise ring and when he wanted money (to get weed) he went and pawned it off and she never got it back. He has the clap, but wont tell anyone. (Lucky we caught it) this guy is the biggest idiot i ever met.

Nice couch, or do you get the chair??- nik

Warning Hide Your Undies


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, watch out for this idiot keep your daughters away from him keep yourself far away from him .. again keep Joe murley away from your daughters underwear drawer because a friend of mine, oh where do I even begin , she decided she was going at date him for a lil bit cuz she didn’t know to the bad things about him, needless to say she left him alone one day not with the kids took her kids with her he decided he was going to route through her daughters clothes like her underwear probably do god knows what to them. he’s nothing but an Abuser and he’s a little bi**h he’s says he knows all these biker gangs you know whatever the big name bikers are anyway I don’t think its right cuz I have friends who are bikers and you don’t go mentioning their names and you don’t go mentioning you know this person’s going to do this and this person’s going to do that so yeah stay far away from him keep kids away from him again like I said he will hit you he will hurt you he will try to strangle you he will beat you punch you in the face this man does not care .  he’s a deadbeat dad he has a daughter named Emma he has a son that apparently died and he has another son he’s not in any of the other lies whatsoever but just to warn you guys just stay clear from him women because if you don’t want to get beat or you don’t want your daughter raped then but stay away from him he is no good he you know he’s just he’s the dirty as dirt on the site check I’ll have a nice day and please stay away from the dogs

Meghan Yarema Man Stealin Pro


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl right here is Meghan yarema…. she’s from Dartmouth and is def well known for being one of the biggest hoes out there. FIRST of all she loves to f’ other peoples men and then laugh about it like the stupid b**ch she is. SECOND she does nothing but uses people and thinks that her pretty face will get her places. she is to dumb to even realize that she isn’t going any where in life…..needs to get checked cuz she seriously thinks its a joke to f**k ppls men and then smile in there womans faces. if your reading this and you f’ed her you should prob go get your dick checked before it falls off. she is the fakest of the fake and will use anyone she can for what ever she can get her dirty little hands on. she is just a washed up loser. Meghan yarema…your always running your mouth so come run it on here..hopefully everyone can see your shady ass for who you really are.

Pedo Poser Avery Hartlin


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this raunchy poser piece of shit likes to go by “cloud”. His real name is Avery Hartlin and hes a sex offender. Avery likes to bang 13 year old girls and watch child porn and he will sexually harass any poor soul who cant get away from him even if that mean involuntary handcuffing. Hes a spoiled piece of sh** that verbally abuses his parents and runs away from home if he doesn’t get what he wants. Dont believe a word out of his mouth because he will lie right to you in the most obvious ways if he thinks it will make him seem better than you. This prick also been kicked out of 2 schools in the HRM for gun threats. He will do anything it takes to make himself seem tough. lock up your little sister and your dogs.

Amanda Doyle The User


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik. First time poster. It’s about my ex, Amanda Marie Doyle. 3 years of my life gone to this girl and it ends on a real low low move. This girl is a straight up compulsive lier, a manipulater, and uses people for her own benefit and if something is on her mind, she will not say anything until the very end. We broke up once before. But got back together and thought things be different. I was wrong. She decided to duck off from her job for a few months due to not like the boss and supervisor. I was working also. But then my job closed down. So there I was busting my ass to get work and try and get money for rent. Asking friends and family for loan and even selling my personal belongings just to pay her rent (the place was in her name). While she sat there doing nothing. Not even asking friends or family for help. I got a severance from my job and blew all that on her bills and rent. So anyways, comes down to the end. I’m real low, about not working and having no money. This girl gets her job back and then straights up says she did not want to be with me for the past few months. The months I blew all my money to keep a roof over her head. And to top is all off, she was sending nude pics and cheating on me with her sister’s ex boyfriend. So I got the f out of there and no looking back. So I post this to warn everyone. She it nothing but trash and will use anyone to her own benefit and then toss you when she used you for all your worth. So fellas, if you want a piece of ass, get at her. She will give it up day 1. Just make sure to chuck her before her claws get attached.

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