The Devilish Angel


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik and the DA, Emily Flinker (aka Angel, aka Lilly) is not on here enough come to think about it. She is so lost and hooked in that her–n and cr–k, she has officially out of control. She uses her black handling pimp to rob her clients of any valuables they can turn into dope money because she has had a tougher time selling that disease filled body of hers, largely because her delusional self thinks her services are worth at least $150, when in fact giving her 150 pieces of a penny is still too much for this disease filled sloot. And now, she and this pimp have loaded .45s at their hotel hideout, with all the cr–k and her–n they have for FREE, and to top it off, she doesn’t only rob her clients, but also has robbed all the hotels she stays at as well as her family, discriminates against anyone that tells truth, cherry picks her clients because they tell it like it is to her face, and will post others’ personal information on the Internet to get them hurt or killed. And when she is confronted, she uses every childish excuse in the book to not accept blame for her own actions. And that is because she is deeply in love with her–n and cr**k, and takes so much pride in hurting anyone she can so she can make love to the drugs she so loves and craves.

NRP Episode 11  –  The Escort Diaries (Part Two)

The continuation of 'The Escort Diaries' from last episode. Trixie finally opens up about her sex addiction and describes specific sexual encounters with both men and women. Lastly, she shares the key elements for regaining her lost body and soul.

Doctor John Steele Is The Worst Person Ever

Cruel John Steele

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, Doctor John Steele (WPAFB), worst person ever. After misleading and convincing my parents into thinking my mother required surgery… he then also didn’t have the decency to suggest that they may want a 2nd and 3rd opinion. He then goes on to botch and screw up the surgery, transforming my mother from a strong, intelligent, active, virile, powerful & independent woman into a small fraction of what she once was and now she requires 24 hours of round the clock incredibly beyond the usual type of supervision. My father has had to retire early and currently spends his every waking moment caring for her because of John Steele. We haven’t even received so much as an apology from this sorry excuse for a doctor.

Lied about dying


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this dirtbags name is Aaron and he was seeing my friend Nicole…. She went out to a couple bars with him and he got wasted and acted like a complete raging lunatic and she stopped talking to him and he kept texting her and texting her and she gave in, it seemed like he was really sorry for his douche bag ways…. He text her and ask her if she could come over and see her and she said yes and made them dinner and he was texting her through the whole workday and then she was supposed to be there at six he didn’t show up she text him he text her back saying he was still at work and then 10 o’clock Rolls around and she text him and tells him to f’ off….of course he never text her back until two months later….his story is that he was in a severe car crash that night coming to her house and that’s why he missed dinner with her and couldn’t text for 2 months….so she agrees to meet up with him for a drink and kind of interrogateed him a little bit about the accident because she doesn’t believe him and guess what it wasn’t true….. But he never admitted to it ….Well he shows her this house that he wants to get with her and he is ready for a family…..blah blah…. And then he invites her to church that Sunday with him and his daughter… He texted her all day Saturday told her that she was beautiful and that he loves her and text her the address to the church and the time…. So Sunday morning Nicole gets up and gets ready shows up at church and texts Aaron lets him know that she’s on her way … mind you it was an hour Drive for her …..of course he didn’t text back and she shows up at church and he is a no-show…. So she just figures he’s doing his disappearing act again and she got really pissed off so she let things simmer down…. on Tuesday she text him what you’ll see in the first photo..,,, and Aaron texted back and pretended to be his own mom and said that he died in his sleep on Saturday night which is in photo 2……and I know shocker he’s not dead he’s texting other girls to hook up with him this Friday which is in photo three!!!! I feel like that this mental psychotic narcissistic douche bag needs to be put on blast my friend Nicole is a sweet person…. great catch she does not deserve this.

And we’re supposed to know who this guy is because…-  nik

Franklin Manslore


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, the guy in this picture Mark Barnhart has cheated on his girlfriend that he likes to call his “wife” to everyone. The other two pictures are girls he has either hooked up with and/or slept with and one happens to be 17 years old. He is an abusive person with that has locked past girlfriends in basements, gave current one black eyes. She is now currently pregnant with his third child and has been seeing the 17 year old since the begining of october. So unless you want a disease, stuff stolen from you and/or abused I would stay away

The Real Angel


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik and the DA, I see on backpage ads from this girl that calls herself “Angel” (real name Emily) trying to sell her body filled with mass baby damage and every possible sexually transmitted disease in the book, because she is a manipulating sociopath who loves her her”n. She uses her”n as a reason to not be a mother and run from those she has hurt in the past, including her own family. And hides behind a black dope boy as a reason to avoid confrontation with those that she has hurt, joyfully and without regret. She has taken her act from KY across the river to Cincinnati, and now she is in Dayton with this pimp, largely because she cant do it on her own anymore. She screwed her bf over big time while he was getting his own life straight because she saw it as a golden opportunity to get strung out and is just THAT afraid to show her real self and thinks she is better than everyone else because she runs with a black dope boy, who himself fears everyone that he screwed over for years. They backpedal so fast they can win the Boston Marathon if they were allowed to run it in reverse. That’s how afraid Emily is afraid of everyone that she did dirty.

I see they accounted for the muffin when applying that stamp.- nik

Loser of the year, Craig Riley

11988725_141879616158946_1916677355892383028_n (2)

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy is nothing but lies. He’s a charmer and will suck the life out of you as he slowly ruins your life! He claims he watched his best friend die in a war, his first kill was a young girl. Too bad he barely made it through boot camp and was kicked out after 18 months. Doesn’t pay child support, because he can’t keep a job. Has 4 kids and is behind by thousands. Been arrested for it too. Been accused of molesting his 2 daughters. He pretends to have PTSD, is great at playing the victim, goes through women like candy. He’s a user and treats people like crap. He’s all over facebook and twitter and every other sex for sale website. He lives with his mommy because he has no credit, because he doesn’t pay his bills or his taxes and is hiding. He likes to spend his money on hookers he meets on craigslist, peekaboo and backpages.

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