Delusional Ashley Delgadillo

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, where do I begin in with this idiot!? She acts like she a big ol trophy wife when in reality we all know her real story! Constantly brags about her baby daddy Mason girl your man is still hitting me on the low. I’m still f*cking her baby daddy yet she brags about how much he loves her cares for her blah blah. Get off your high horse already Ash you aren’t sh*t without Mason.

Serious daddy issues

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this lovely c*nt bag lives in Grand Junction and has SERIOUS daddy issues. She has 3 kids with 3 different baby daddies and her favorite way to pass time is f*ck other women’s husbands. That’s right! A real class act. When she’s not choking on some guys dick she’s busy wrecking relationships and then posting it PROUDLY on social media. Recently, she got caught cheating on her now ex boyfriend with her best friends husband! Not even 2 days after the break up she is already in a relationship with her new fling. You’d think she would take the time and focus on her 3 young children but instead she likes to see how many people she can make miserable. How does she keep getting all these men you ask? No f*cking clue because I wouldn’t touch her with your greg! It couldn’t possibly her being a c*m guzzling whore.. It’s always the other women’s fault for not keeping their man on a tight enough leash! She moves in with these men after seconds of being with them and then when she can’t keep her legs closed and gets caught cheating it’s on to the next! If you’re interested in her to qualify you must be married, have kids, be able to afford to take care of her kids because she can’t, and be able to buy her things! Make sure you bring a box of condoms and wrap that sh*t twice because you WILL catch the many drd’s she has.

Janaey Montoya Is A First Cousin Kisser

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, these sick individuals are first cousins! They think it’s cute to post pics of them kissing. What a disgrace! Sickos are having a inbred baby sleeping with each other. Now Janaey thinks she wifed up her cousin? I want to throw up.

Colorado — I blame weed.- nik

Manly Marie

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, let me tell you about this manly big nose tranny, this is Candace one of Denver city’s biggest undercover hoes she has mental problems literally after being obsessed with her ex drama and his new girls relationship for almost a year shes banged several new niggas and her exs friends. she’s pregnant by some dude she was w a couple months after she claimed to be pregnant by drama so he wouldn’t leave her. Her new dude also walked out on her ugly ass! She threaten to fight while she’s pregnant but yet loves her baby so much! This psychotic bitch pops pills for “her back pain” didn’t graduate high school, she can’t get a job, she’s a broke bum bitch throwing pussy to any dude that will give her sorry ass attention! After they realize she’s dirty and good for nothing she gets replaced by something better! Always has to run to her sister in law to protect her because she’s nothing but ugly scared hoe! Lady’s watch your boyfriends before she claims she having their babies too!

Jade Gallardo Will Fry Your Hair

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this is one of deniers very well known trash bags Jade Gallardo. She once was the biggest nutty in the north side banging and fighting everyone to all of a sudden Facebook famous ugly whore. She takes a good picture I can’t lie. But God forbid she take off her makeup 😷😷😷😷😷, bitch is hideous and then she calls herself a hair stylist but she has no license and constantly has other people fixing her work. She recently got pregnant from Oz which is her “homegirls” baby’s dad and had an abortion! She was even pregnant the whole time she was in Hawaii with poor Isaac who had no idea she was such a scammer!!!!! She tried to say she got raped by Sake, that’s why she never went through with her deal with him because she couldn’t just straight up tell her friend she f*cked him when she was drunk like she does everyone else!!!!

22 and on Her 3rd Baby Daddy

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, allow me to introduce you to one of Denver’s dirtiest gutter rats. Marcella Rojas is only 22 years old and is already working on her 3rd baby’s daddy. Her first baby daddy is locked up in prison for a very long time and her second baby daddy could not stand her lose ass so he left her high and dry. Now she’s on the prowl for a new baby daddy and gots some new guy taking care of her kids. Her poor kids are going to grow up with daddy issues with that many men in and out of their lives. The funniest part is this chick swears she is the baddest thing in Denver but if you saw her in person she looks like a man. My friend thought she was a straight up tranny. No titties and no ass she is pretty disgusting once you really see her. This chick has been passed around like a $1 bill! She clings on to any guy she meets begging them to wife her up trying to trap them with her kids. Guys beware if you’re going to date this chick just know what comes with it. You will probably end up taking care of her kids until you find out she is doing you dirty.

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