You’re not the father x 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is the most conniving, manipulating, pathological lying, nasty ass lying witch in the Denver area. She steals food, clothes from 12 year old girls…and had to take 7 paternity tests to find out who her baby dad was. Doing drugs in front of her daughter so much to the point her daughter rolled a dollar bill up and put it to her nose. Her underwear have DISGUSTING brown crusty stains from her vagina! One guy at a party straight up left the room on her because he said she smelt THAT BAD when she opened her legs. She sucks greg for her drugs too!! With her daughter in the next room. I would stay far away unless u want u an std….she’s infested with c***ia. There really is no words to describe her, but I tried lol

Fakin’ it and Ain’t Makin-it

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I really dont know where to start, my little sister used to be really good friends with Anna. But that all came to an end just recently, my little sister decided to move in with these two low lifes about two months ago to help out with bills and things. Well she was there she noticed there was a problem with them when they were getting all messed up on lean in front of the baby ( Brittanys son) so she just thought they probably dont do it all the time so she didnt say nothing…. Then one day she noticed the baby had a black eye, she asked what happened an they just shrugged it off as oh he’s a boy. Thats when she started to notice they we’re not doin lean once in awhile but all the time! She came home one night from work an these two where sittin in the front room doin lines while the baby wasn’t even 5 feet away playing. So my sister called her older sister who just so happens to be a social work and she made a report. CPS came and that when these two f’in thots went ape sh’t an threw my sisters dads ashes against the wall an broke his earn. They then proceded to make a Craig’s list ad for a call girl possing as my sister, put all her info on the internet. These two need to be put on blast! They deserve for everyone to know what a horrible situation they have a little boy in… Plz put these two pathetic excuses on blast!

Letting the world know

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Desiree claims to be loyal, but she’s anything but. She doesn’t even have a divorce from her husband and she’s making her rounds. She’s already been with three different guys within the last 2 months. Oh wait it gets better. Her current toy is Aaron Davies, he’s been on here a couple times as well. She tries to pawn her kids off every weekend just so she can go infect her pu**y, because we all know Aaron has the drd. Beware Denver this dirty chik will make her rounds.

Its too late for braces..- nik

Denver Model Barbie Gallegos

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this is Barbie Gallegos. She calls herself a “model” but sleeps with photographers to get shoots. She claims to have a giant portfolio and a ton of success, yet no one outside of Denver has ever heard of her. She’s so ignorant and ghetto that she has a hard time putting sentences together. She also uses way too much contouring makeup and literally looks like a cross-eyed alien in some photos. This is Denvers modeling scene.

That leech tattoo is a minus 4.17782 to me. It should be illegal.- nik

Brianna Anderson Certified homewrecker

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl acts so sweet and innocent on social media and in reality she sleeps around constantly with different men of all ages, doesn’t matter if they’re dating or married and have kids. She destroys people’s marriages, two that I’m aware of. At least if you’re going to slore around and be a lying c’nt get paid for what you do. Go back to Pueblo and sleep around, you’ve probably been with every single guy in Colorado Springs by now. Gross.

Hope she didn’t wake the baby for this pic.- nik

Health Hood Rat

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I know of a dirty whore that needs to be on here. Her name is Rachel Bohn and she had been with my good friend for 2 years. He was so happy and so sweet with her, We all liked her because she pretended she was so awesome and acted like she truly loved him. She had us all fooled and his family too. He is the best boy ever and she broke-up with him out of the blue last year to be with some loser she was cheating on him with. After he bought her and her kids a lot of Christmas gifts. He even kept buying her gifts after Christmas. This was a year ago.  Over the past year he kept finding out things about her from her friends. I guess she cheated on him with 2 people the whole time they were together and lied to him through their whole relationship and even after they broke up. The reason I am adding her to the dirty is because of something he told me. She had gotten gon***iah and tried blaming him. He went and got tested 3 times and they came back negative. So she told him she had cancer or some other disease and he believed her all that time. This summer he dated a nurse and she told him that she was lying and go***riah pills can’t cure what she said she had. He was really hurt by this and he found out that she was the biggest hoe at her job. She works at the Denver Health Hospital and boned everybody there. Even her own friends admit she’s a hoe. My friend is a sweetheart.I should have wrote this last year. But he didn’t tell me the whole story until this New Years. She deserves to be blasted like the dirty hoe she is.

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