Quite the Mother


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Anastasia Romero one of Denver’s finest horrible mothers. Trashy tattoos on her boobs like every other hoodrat on here and thinks life revolves around jordans lmfao grow up chick! real woment have 401k plans and savings accounts not a bunch of shoes to show off! She stays seeking attention from any and every one that will give it to her. Her latest achievement was cuffing some young dude zeus and having him take care of HER kid. Just because her babydad didn’t want her she goes and lets her son call any guy she’s f’ing “dad”. Not to mention this dude is no father figure., taking the little boy to tag on walls and tunnels and hang out with the neighborhood thugs! way to raise a 5 year old. Maybe she should focus on her son and actually teach him things instead of just feeding him to keep him content so she can be with her dude! how disgusting!!!

She forgot to crop the bottom half of that pic.- nik

NRP Episode 11  –  The Escort Diaries (Part Two)

The continuation of 'The Escort Diaries' from last episode. Trixie finally opens up about her sex addiction and describes specific sexual encounters with both men and women. Lastly, she shares the key elements for regaining her lost body and soul.

Lazy Lanarae is a Loser


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Introducing lazy lanarae the food stamp queen. This bitch is so sorry and so lazy she serves no purpose on earth. Shes so quick to try and put other people on blast but never looks at her self. Maybe because her fat body doesn’t fit in the mirror. Not too long ago she put her baby’s dad on blast and after that I asked her if they were still together. She swore up and down she’s done with him but just saw her with him not too long ago probably kissing his ass (like always) and begging him for money. Sad that she lets everybody talk sht about that nigga and she doesn’t do anything to verbally stick up for him but will be so quick to cry to him for money “for her kids”. The one ONLY good think in life that she has to show for are her kids. Shes a dumb cry baby bi*ch and so f’ing ugly no wonder her baby’s dad cheated on her with the girl he did. My personal opinion I would have too. That girl is a 100% upgrade from this fat tub of lard. Rumor has it her fat ass is pregnant AGAIN and its probably to continue to live off of the government. Poor baby has to look at her ugly ass face when it is born. You’re a grown ass woman Get a job you fat wack bitch and learn how to be independent for once in your life. Stop using the government to support you, you fat cow.

Beer Breath Ashley


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this one needs no introduction. This here is one of Denvers nastiest whores we have. Breath always smelling like beer or fireball. Selling p’ for money and the things she needs and wants. I used to talk to her until I found this out. She’s almost 30 and is still slinging drinks at various sh’t hole bars around town. Her lstest gig is at platinum 84. She also has a son that she has no problem getting rid of any day of the week to party and put stuff up her nose. She hangs out with a bunch of other whores that sell p’ and love putting things up their noses as well. One of my boys just makes one call and they are there where you need them ready to do whatever for a couple hundred bucks and some bumps. So next time you see her around don’t hesitate to hit her up for what you need. This chick was at diamond a few days ago just thirsty to make money. It was pathetic. Another night me and a few friends had her and her cousin at my place down to do whatever. To be honest after that she completely turned me off and I haven’t called her since. She tries to play this role like she’s some great mom but please don’t be fooled. Her fake boobs were paid for by the owner of some restaraunt. But you don’t care and are looking for a good time and something to do look no further then trashley and friends. Just be ready to drop a little cash and wear a jimmy!

Breianna Escamilla Has No Self Respect


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, as if posting your half naked body on the Internet isn’t bad already, selling your body for just a couple dollars is just sad. Breianna Escamilla likes to post her gross selfies on Craigslist telling random people to ” COME OVER NOW ” ” AGE RACE AND SIZE DONT MATTER ” wow she really has NO standards. But I guess when you are prostitute/drug addict you’ll do just about anything to get your next dollar and fix. Someone help this poor girl.

Don’t Fall for the Gap Game


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this chick named Desiree Jamison is such a wh’re she needs more than three facebooks to keep up with her hoe game. She is a cheap piece of ass who thinks it’s cute to send pics of her nasty meat flaps to every guy who pays her a little attention gross better go to the DR get those bad boys checked out. She is a G groupie who will f’ you instantly and beg you to play daddy to her bastard kids. She is a nasty white trash m”h slore who thinks she looks cute cause lost some weight lol anyone who smoked m’th would lose weight sweetie. She thinks it’s funny to chase married men and men who have ladies and families cause she is lacking with noone to love her. She just jumps from man to man G to G like any G groupie does. She sells her foodstamps just to get high off of nasty M”’!!  Please anyone who has humped and dumped this pathetic gerbil please go get checked she is crawling with infestation..

Tried and Tested Candice


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet candice trujillo the dirtest bar hoppin hoe u will ever meet. Candice is in the bars almost every night, mainly Stone or mgms. She has banged more dudes than you can count on both hands and feet.  I know for a fact she f’ed 4 of my homeboys on different occasions and, gave 2 of them an drd.She tries to f’ anyone who will give her attention even random dudes at the bar. I dont why anyone would want to touch that because, lets be honest she looks like a man . Ive watched her try to get at dudes who have girlfriends trying to mess up thier relationship. She is a slut straight up. All shes good for is a quick nut. So if u mess with the dirty bitch make sure to wrap it up tight and, plug ur nose cuz i heard her vagina smells like rotting meat thats been in the sun for a week. Poor girl is going to look 50 by the time shes 30 from all her partying she does and who knows what that vajayjays going to look like im sure its already loose.

Someone should open a window.- nik

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