Amelia Zelenak offers favors


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, just thought I would submit some dirt on this pretty little dame. After crossing paths with an old friend, I was able to uncover that we had a mutual friend in Amelia. I thought I was in a unique situation with her, but I wasn’t, my bud experienced a lot of the same things. She’s a gold digger, same old song and dance. But we were both able to sleep with her the night we met her, I was a year before him. She has a spoiled smell to her that I thought was uncommon for her, but he confirmed the same thing. If you go down on Amelia, you might want to come back up for air; it’s that gross fishy smell. It really needs some urgent attention. Other than that, the girl is beautiful. She really loves herself a LOT. She hates other woman, but other than that she’s kind hearted. Just want to forewarn any guys, this one is very easy. And there is an awful odor coming out of her. Other than that, as you can see in the selfie, she is one of Michigan’s biggest hotties. What do you think Nik?

Dona Entertainment Huge Scammer


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Andrea aka Drea Kelly. Former stripper turned scam artist. Anyone who signs up for her agency (Dona Entertainment) has been burned by her. Ladies: your stupid for signing any contracts in this field, it is uneccessary, no one has the right to own you or your likelihood as an entertainer. Her girls are promised money in return for working at clubs or doing bachelor parties and her big scam is telling everyone at the end of the night that she will pay them on another day, and then she gives them the run around for weeks and just never ever pays them. Her new scam is to scan their I.D.’s and then never returns them. The clubs in Detroit are already clued in on her and she is not welcome, so she now has moved onto the Toledo clubs. Not to mention that she rarely shows her face in her pictures because she looks like a gremlin. A true butta face…and she needs to stop tanning because she looks like a musty pair of black man balls. For being in her 20’s, she has the face of a 40 year old. I am surprised that no one has called her out on here before, she has been ripping people off now for a few years. Shame on you, girl.

Is Perry Comito the Perfect Boyfriend


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Perry Comito has been dating the same girl for some time now. It seems like his relationship is totally perfect. What this poor girl doesn’t know is that this a-hole might not have been the most faithful. By that, I mean he has never once been faithful to her. I would know. Shouldn’t let him go out alone missy. Nik, do I send her the link to this post and expose that sh’thead??

Seed Donor


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy right here is your typica dead beat loser. Two kids with two different women. Doesn’t take care of either of them. Denies them and pretends like they don’t exist. His name is Jovun Perry he is 31. From Detroit but visits Windsor frequently to bang every white girl possible. Impregnate them and then pretend they don’t exist. He lies to every female and is a bum loser!!!

Metro Detroit’s Sloppiest


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, where do we start with Ms. Snody? This sad and sloppy MOTHER of two loves to jump from guy to guy and has no shame in ditching her two children to do so. One of her favorites? Someone else’s boyfriend or husband! Ladies beware…this slore will ruin your life and won’t stop there. Staying up all night hiding behind a keyboard posting inspirational quotes, talking sh’t, or showing off her skeltor like body, in hopes someone will throw her a bone or money or just give her attention. Danielle has had more than eight boyfriends in the past year and drags her poor children around from guy to guy. Money hungry and just plain nasty! Men and women of Metro Detroit beware! Dirty just doesn’t cover it! From pulling out used tampons to f$&* random men in parking lots, when she isn’t taking a sh’t in them… This “woman” has class written all over her!

Amanda Burke is a Stripper Gone Bad


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl Amanda Marlene Burke from Lincoln Park Michigan (or Taylor) is a huge liar. First. She tells me she works at an eye doctors office as a receptionist. I later find out she’s a stripper at BTs and Penthouse, and she’s also on Seeking Arrangement looking for sugar daddies to bang. Here’s the worst part, she went into my wallet and stole money — and was even brazen enough to admit it. This girl is a drug addict and downriver trash. She will steal your sh’t. Don’t trust her with a dollar.

Empty houses are a cause for concern.- nik

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