Hillbilly Couple


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl is an absolute trip. She thinks she is the hottest thing on the planet, when really she is just a huge slob. She posts constantly about having the perfect life and the perfect family. Let me break this down for you, she literally pissed in a homeless guys mouth before. She was a Dom to an old creepy man and made him do disgusting things to pay her phone bill every month. Her husband (if you consider a court wedding with no license legit) is a cr**khead. He literally spends half their money on drugs because he is so miserable with her. Best part is, he constantly tried cheating on her before she got knocked up AGAIN. They already can barely support their one little angel child. I don’t think it gets much worse than this. I just feel bad for the embarrassment their children will have to live with the rest of their lives.

Loves married men


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Miss Kat here loves married men and she tells anyone who will listen. She carries ch***ia from man to man…and is currently pregnant from one of at least 3 guys I know of. Shes been spotted same weekend same restaurant 2 different guys! She is still smoking meth while pregnant and still sleeping around! GROSS!

Todd Farnum Has No Issue Hitting A Woman


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this guy Todd Farnum needs to be put on blast. He beats woman. It all started when his girlfriend Kalea who is 5ft and 100 lbs came home from work and he was pissed off about not having a job or any type of work or money because he is a total loser and posts on FB all day.  She was working to pay bills because he won`t and this jerk punched her in the face several times because she forgot to buy and bring him cigarettes. Ladies also need to be aware to never go or be with Todd Farnum. He will beat and abuse you. He is a psycho!!!!

Like Johnny Football.- nik

Alissa Stieler makes a living killing animals


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, somebody put a stop to this girl Alissa Stieler for mass killing innocent animals. What kind of girl wants to take so much time out of her life to kill hundreds of innocent animals. And after her killings, she hangs them around where she lives. To me it’s weird that a beautiful animal can be walking around our earth minding its own business enjoying life, and a psycho girl like Alissa can just go put a bullet through their skull. And why? This makes her happy? To kill? Walking up to an animal watching it take its last couple breaths of beautiful life and putting it out of its misery with one last bullet to the face takes a really messed up person. What do you think Nik?

We All Know Amanda Khalil Afr Is A Disaster


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, meet Amanda Khalil Afr. She’s known on Instagram as Sarah Hermiz’s bff. Aside from social media she’s also known as the girl who has slept with every Greg in the city. If you remember Tamer Al-werfali, yea that’s amandas ex. Weird that she married someone named Tamer just 2 months after her and selfie-obsessed Tamer from Dearborn broke up. I’d like to know what you think about her? She supposedly comes from a rich family, drives everyone around in her Gwagon, and is brand new to money. Her new husband is some sort of farmer but I doubt he’s in the maryjane business with Sarah Hermiz’s boo. She’s had over $10,000 in plastic surgery to fix her face when she should invest in a treadmill instead. Input?

Am I supposed to guess which one she is — I’m going with far right.- nik

Will Trade Sex For Pills


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Bernadette is a total drugged out junkie who got so high she passed out on pills and smotheted her 6 month old baby Damian to death. She was a prostitute in Houston,Texas and moved to Detroit to run from her reputation and from CPS taking her son Gauge cause she passed out on pills at a gas station with him in the car. She has a husband but he likes to watch her sleep with other men while he masterbates and she like to put dildos in his butt. He is a hero”e user and they share needles.She crashed into a League City, Texas police car high on pills and got a DUI in 2015. She is out on bond for felony theft of her boyfriend in Texas pistol and robbing his house. This girl is a walking infection waiting to happen. She has overdosed on drugs 4 times on 2015 alone.

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