‼️LADIES BEWARE‼️ Abusive Compulsive Liar — Dimitri Byron Duck

‼️LADIES BEWARE‼️ Abusive Compulsive Liar — Dimitri Byron Duck

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, let me introduce you to Dimitri Byron Duck Aka Dimitri Mcbyron on Facebook. Let me tell you, him and this young beautiful girl from Ontario been talking about 6 months, on the phone, video calling everyday, and when he asked her to go visit him, she said okay, and meanwhile before going to Selkirk, he has been telling her that he was a nice/caring/loving guy, who wants to have kids one day. BUT when she went, turns out he wasn’t exactly what he said he was. He ended up beating her! Told her if she told ANYONE including the police that he would murder her and dump her into the red river by the bridge. Poor girl said he would kicked her around/ put force in her head w his knee, choked her out, even she tried to leave he would do more damage than he already have , but that’s not it!

He also cheated on her with EVE TILSON, so gross as f**k, even lied about it, and manipulating her into thinking that he really loves her and stuff, even tried to get her pregnant but turns out he can’t have kids because he already tried with Eve lol. Eve told that poor girl.Also Dimitri never really even cleans up his apartment, dirty dishes, dirty clothes all the time… He got that poor girl to clean/do laundry with Eve, which Dimitri is just using EVE for money/food/hydro payments like a slave.  Lol who cares about Eve, she admits that she sells herself on the streets for $5-$10.

Well enough about Eve. Well Dimitri’s so called friends told that beautiful girl that he was cheating/lying , they told her the truth about that disgusting/dirty guy, so she got fed up and ran off, called the police, and charged his asssss!! But he seriously needs a beating and not to mention, mental help! So guys if you see him, and do us ladies a favor and kick his ass – ps , he has a tiny Greg I hear hahahahah


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  1. RelevantJuly 28, 2018 at 9:37 PM

    I’ve seen that Brittany girl is having a baby boy with someone who loves her and who will take care of the baby unlike dimirtri would he’s got cu*m problems!! Dimitri Dyck and Eve Tilson are the definition of SCUM and should spend the rest of their pathetic lives in prison!!!!!!!

  2. Beware of DimitriNovember 28, 2017 at 6:30 AM

    Hi ladies,
    If you found my blog, this is the first step in keeping your sanity. If you have met Dimitri Dellis of College Point, Queens, beware. He has the temper of a rabid dog. He calls himself the “D-Train”. That was a nickname he got in his youth when he used to fight in the streets with his fellow friends of the neighborhood. He is a liar, and a cheater, and is married. He is still very involved with his wife, and will tell you that he is a fireman, but he’s really a florist in the Bronx. He is not a financial analyst by profession, but he has a sizable stock portfolio because he has no expenses. He freeloads off of his parents. When he goes to Greece he is a man-whore so if you are dating him and he tells you he is going to Greece alone, beware. He lives with his parents rent free, and has no aspirations of ever leaving them. If you think you’ll get him to move in with you, you are mistaken as he never even lived with his own wife. He is a man child and will never commit to you because he is a liar and a cheater. He cheated on his wife with many people and he met his wife while he was cheating on his girlfriend. He paraded many women around while in serious relationships and he will play you too. Don’t trust him. He is full of threats, toxic language, he is a true pessimist and a racist. If you think that just because he is with you that he is not racist against you, guess again. He has something negative to say about everyone. He will threaten your friends and make you live a life of seclusion so that he is your entire world and once he is confident of how gullible you are, he will pull disappearing acts on you. There is no future with him, so do yourself a favor and don’t tell him anyone warned you, just move on and keep looking. He is manipulative and if you ever cross him, he will threaten you for something to happen to you in the future when you’re least expecting it. One more thing, he gave me DRD.

    Run ladies! This guy is your parent’s worst nightmare.

    • HahahahhaApril 1, 2018 at 5:29 PM

      But to the person below.. what the f does this have to do with MCBYRON?!?!!

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