Alcoholic Narcissist Kevin Bass-Pitcaithley From San Diego

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, you need to post Kevin Bass-Pitcaithley. He is the biggest player in Pacific Beach. He’s gotten girls pregnant, DRD’s and could care less. He’s in real estate an claims he makes good money, but really sucks at his job.

He’s a cheater, insecure and the most selfish human. Kevin Bass-Pitcaithley will lie about everything and doesn’t deserve any reasonable human in his life. He’s a pepsi head and gets off on any girl that give him the time of day. Be aware ladies. He hates condoms and will say he’s clean and he’s not. He’s fake as hell and does every girl wrong. The most selfish bastard. Good luck.

Since when have you known a guy to like condoms? What gentleman wants to stop everything they’re doing to mess with a slimed balloon.- nik