ALERT! The Wannabe gold digger Shaela Chanel Bundchen

ALERT! The Wannabe gold digger Shaela Chanel Bundchen

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, here is Shaela Chanel. She is not only a thief and tried to gold dig me. She is all over YouTube posting videos for every black women that wished they were white ?. She would kiss you and stab you right in the back. She robbed me and stole my dog. She’s back in New York and be careful if you meet her alone at the bar. Her looks are deceiving. She bar hops solo and couch surfs nightly. Can only contact me for “coins” in a wifi spot because I turned her phone off since she stole 4500.00 worth of T-mobile equipment.

One month later still no phone. If I would’ve had false teeth she would’ve stole that too. She stole my pots pans salt, shampoo, steamer, also left a box of needles in her room. She refused to sleep in my bed so she demanded her own room. Wannabe gold digger- I’m putting you on the dirty because your dirty since you don’t take showers.

But she sounds like an amazing cook.- nik

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  1. Harlem Bar OwnerJune 10, 2018 at 4:40 PM

    Wow.. This Chick was just at our bar and the bar across the street. Acted extremely erratic and was asked to leave when she pulled out a taser and turned it on. Watch out!