Amanda Hartzog of Beaver County

Amanda Hartzog of Beaver County

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here is Amanda Hartzog. Where do we begin? She believes to be married to a man and believes this is right to do- to use seven men for money and drugs. And for housing and transportation to the drug house and to Rite Aid for her money.

Also, believes to disappear for days at a time and turns her phone off and won’t call or text to say “hey I am alive”. If you’re a man with money and housing and a car. You’re the next victim. She will suck you dry and than leave you high and dry. And her favorite thing to do is use drugs and lie to everybody including her family and uses her poor sick grandmother for drug money.

Sleeps with men to get what she wants and lies about everything! I don’t think she knows how to tell the truth and also she believes her own lies; everybody is wrong other than her. She also doesn’t love her children. She has left them to fend for themselves with her stepmother and same with her other child- left with a another family member.

Can’t call them nor see them. Dead beat mother all about. Amanda- it’s her way or nobody’s way. Puts drugs before everything and everybody beware.

OP- this internet intervention is not strong enough. Next time submit an image of her shooting up so Amanda can feel the humiliation of her lies. This whole thing feels like a Pizza Hut ad to me. Next.- nik

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