Amanda Johnson – Homewrecker, Cruel to Cancer Patient

Amanda Johnson – Homewrecker, Cruel to Cancer Patient

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, infidelity by Amanda Johnson & Charlie Black aka Jack aka Jacques Charles, a deported drug trafficker. Communicating since 2009. This is a continued cycle of behavior for Amanda Johnson as betrayal of her closest friends and loved ones is what she does. Her friend was pregnant and sleeping in the next room when Amanda decided to sleep with her friends man. Amanda also slept with another good friend’s boyfriend as she said her friend slept with hers. Her friend denies ever sleeping with any of Amanda’s boyfriends.

Amanda Johnson is a pathological/compulsive liar. Amanda told her husband the exact opposite; she said her friends had betrayed her. Amanda had asked me to tutor her friend’s daughter in Calculus. I agreed and began to help. Amanda’s friend called to ask if she could send another problem, Amanda lost it, screaming and yelling. She told me her friend was lonely and looking for a man and she didn’t trust us talking. She asked me how she had my number and email. I replied you, you gave it to her, you asked me to help. I never understood why she acted that way.

Needless to say, I stopped tutoring her immediately. She dropped the course. The friend who I referenced that was pregnant and she slept with her boyfriend was this friend. Now it makes since her past actions were haunting her just as her actions now are haunting her. I never ask to marry her knowing she betrayed her best friends.

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