Amanda Martin of Hamilton

Amanda Martin of Hamilton

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so Amanda here thinks it’s okay to use her youngest half sister (Brandy whom was taken a few months after birth). She wanted to lure brandy into giving her money because she is too self conceited. Her sister was so nice and polite when she was invited to visit Amanda, and therefore was also invited to live with her as well… telling Brandy she only needed to pay $200 to live with her. This led to stolen property (on Amanda’s behalf along with current boyfriend Darren Bromley). She lied to her sister and told her a stolen ring of brandy’s was “lost.”

Brandy is nowhere near stupid and already knew Amanda was lying, so she confronted Amanda and then of course it was denied. Amanda then started to scream at Brandy telling her to “get the f**k out of my house. No wonder your adopted mom didn’t want you… etc” which made Brandy hysterically cry. Brandy at this point was petrified of Amanda. This same day was Amanda’s visitation day for all five of her kids (which, may I remind you, four in which are in CAS care and one with birth father). Amanda told Brandy that she didn’t want her coming to the visits anymore because Brandy just ruined her day, that she was now upset because of Brandy. After Amanda had screamed at Brandy, Brandy tried very hard to try and calm Amanda down even though she was terrified that Amanda may hurt her. She was gasping for air while trying to speak. Brandy had school the next day and also had gotten some money from the government since she was currently on welfare. Amanda then came with Brandy to get the money. When Brandy left for school she received text messages from Amanda asking for the money, Amanda said she wanted the money for a new e-bike because she was tired of spending money of bus fare when she needed to travel places by bus.

Brandy knew she needed to get out of this situation before something bad happened. She called her adopted mom, (who always has been such a great support) and her adopted mom took action into finding me a place to stay, (which into further detail is not necessary as to why Brandy could not stay with adopted mom). Luckily a place was found. And Brandy wanted all her belongings back from Amanda’s house, and didn’t want to do it alone. She reached out to the police for a belingingd retreaval for the safety of both Brandy and Amanda because Amanda was a very violent person. Apparently the police scared off Amanda because Amanda would not let Brandy retrieve her things until the next day of course. After that Amanda has not tried to reach out to Brandy possibly because she’s not welcome in Brandy’s life but in the end what goes around comes back around, and bad things happen to bad people.

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  1. FantackulasEmackulasGuySeptember 11, 2017 at 5:13 PM

    Get your facts straight first before u slander someones name, and btw there ain’t nuthing violent with amanda u guys are so dumb lmao