Amber Haag attacks men who reject her

Amber Haag attacks men who reject her

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, please expose Amber Haag, 35 years old, has a criminal history for theft and she’s cruising Craigslist and ends up robing men who reject her. She has a severe personality disorder, a heavy drinker/drug addict, she’s a total nut-job who doesn’t work because she’s too lazy to look for work and she’s a shitty mother who doesn’t take care of her kids and she doesn’t put them first! Even though she lost custody of her daughters, she still doesn’t try to better herself nor look for work so she can try and be a part of their lives. She’s meeting men on Craigslist and burdening them with all of her life issues, when they reject her (because they’re smart), she attacks them by robbing them and she tries to justify it (even though she claims that she doesn’t like doing it), she then lies about it of course!

I feel sorry for her kids for having such a piece of shit for a mother! She’s already done time behind bars in which she claims that she had a 10 women orgy, but she belongs locked up in a mental institution. Her ex-boyfriend, who she even has a kid with, is grateful that he’s no longer with her and even said that Amber goes all out in hurting people who anger her and that she doesn’t have any limits in getting back at them, even if it means ruining their lives. Amber is desperate for companionship with a man, yet she ALWAYS messes it up because she’s mentally ill and she needs serious help. If a man sticks his penis inside of her even one time, she goes “Fatal Attraction” on him.

At the age of 35, she’s uneducated, unattractive, has never traveled outside of Vegas, always broke, doesn’t have any job skills, and sponges off of her mother, yet blames everyone else for her issues and expects them to deal with it! She has a high sex drive because no man in his right mind would want to touch her because of how unattractive she is! She likes to play with vibrators and she wants to be gang banged by men!!

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  1. Alligator skinMay 28, 2018 at 10:58 PM

    Imagine what this psycho will do once her new boyfriend that she currently lives with gets sick of her and he kicks her out?

    Amber already knows how difficult it is for her to meet men and get a dick inside of her, even though she’s willing to drop her pants for a guy after meeting him for 5 minutes.

    Every man that she’s ever been with has ended up hating her and rejecting her!

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