Amber Haag Robbing Men She Meets on Craigslist

Amber Haag Robbing Men She Meets on Craigslist

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Amber Haag is an unemployed pathetic excuse for a mother! She has a criminal background of theft and drugs. She’s 35 and already had dentures due to her drug usage. She puts forth no effort into seeking a job because she’s more concerned about drinking hard liquor early in the AM. She’s allegedly meeting men on Craigslist for P4P.

She’s an obnoxious idiot when she gets drunk and these men reject her, then she ends up robbing them at gun point (figuratively speaking)! She tells them to give her money or she’ll get the cops on them for soliciting illegal P4P online. She lost custody of a couple of her kids due to being an unfit mother, they wouldn’t recognize her, and she puts forth no effort to better herself so she can be with them. One morning her son needed her at school and she didn’t put forth any effort to get to him because she was too drunk, plus she was robbing a guy that she met on Craigslist!

This woman needs serious psychological help. She belongs in a mental asylum, and she needs to have all of her kids taken away from her since drinks & drives, too lazy to look for work, allegedly seeking tricks on Craigslist, and robbing men! She tells men that she fantasies about being gang banged and she likes to play with vibrators.

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