Amber Haag will stay with a man for a whole night for $140!

Amber Haag will stay with a man for a whole night for $140!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Amber Haag has a major problem in which she likes to hurt people, especially men who gave her chance at romance, who reject her! At the age of 35, she has low self-esteem and she can’t handle it and it causes her to want to hurt people who piss her off, even though she deserves it because EVERYONE gets sick of her crap!

Her family doesn’t have any respect for her and they recognize her for the deadbeat loser that she is. She doesn’t have any friends and she’s living with her mommy, sponging off of her, and driving her car. She has a criminal recorded history in Las Vegas for theft and drugs. She’s a high school dropout that doesn’t have any job skills and she doesn’t put any effort into trying to better her life, even for the sake of her kids whom she NEVER puts first in her life, even though she tells people that she loves her kids, yet she does nothing to show it, she just says it.

Her recreational time mostly consists of her getting drunk early in the AM instead of looking for a job or doing anything for her kids like rushing to be with her son at school when they call her to be there for him. Amber has been cruising Craigslist and allegedly having sex with strange men for money. $140 and she stays with him for the whole night. Amber has also been robbing her tricks at gun point (figuratively speaking) because they reject her because she comes over looking like crap, drunk, acting like an idiot and being obnoxious.

Obviously, Amber isn’t able to handle rejection. She put her son’s father through hell because he got sick of her crap and he didn’t want to be with her anymore and he’s grateful that he’s not with her anymore. Amber likes to watch PornHub on her cellphone, play with vibrators and other sex toys because her lack of sex appeal causes men not to want to touch her. Any man who does touch her, she should be very grateful for it! Seeing Amber naked with her lazy eye is very disgusting as she’s not the least bit appealing and she goes nuts when she gets rejected.

Amber admits that she fantasizes about being gang banged by two men and that’s her #1 choice of porn to watch, gang bangs. Amber is angry at the world because she’s 35 years old, uneducated (the court FORCED her to get her GED, get a job, and go through drug rehab to evade being prosecuted for a felony theft charge), unattractive, has a low IQ, and always gets rejected because she’s a loser in life! She blames EVERYONE for her problems and her issues and she expects EVERYONE- even a guy that she just met and had sex with her only once- to care about her crap and help her with all of her problems that she brought on herself! Anyone who doesn’t want to help her, she becomes angry and hurts them. She has no limits as to what she’ll do to hurt someone, even it means robbing them or even trying to ruin their lives! I feel bad for her kids for having a POS like this for a mother!

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  1. Captain Save A HoeSeptember 16, 2017 at 8:10 PM

    In this photo she has on a pair of glasses I got her the frames to help her with her lazy eye problem but she never got lenses put in them so they’re still the fake clear plastic lenses because if she had had a prescription put in them she would at least be able to see that in this photo she looks like she’s smelling her own pussy this is a lying thieving not very fun to be around chick that looks like a man in Drag before I ever saw any of these post this b**** came to me crying about not being able to pay her electric and that her poor disabled mother couldn’t be in a situation like that at which time I stupidly blowing through the money with a guarantee you to be paid back that same week on payday I had done several other things in emergency style passion for this chick as well all of which turned out to be lies especially the part about paying me back she spent the next three weeks of waiting calls and say she doesn’t have to answer to anybody she’s just a f****** piece of s***. And I advise anybody who knows her to stay away from her and know her because she’s like cancer she has no useful purpose

    • Lazy Eye thiefSeptember 18, 2017 at 12:49 PM

      You have no idea how disgusted I got seeing her naked on my bed, face and chest sun burnt, a huge smile on her face, playing with herself with a vibrator, and her lazy eye staring at me! This woman is really ugly and seeing her naked with the lights on and being sober is awful!

      She has no choice but to play with vibrators and other sex toys because men don’t want to touch her and they don’t find her at all appealing. Which would explain as to why she doesn’t have a life. Amber likes to suck Greg without a condom and she LOVES it when a man bust his load into her face. She is boring to have sex with. She doesn’t know how to get a man excited to want to have sex with her. All she does is drink, turn on porn, and play with herself and she thinks that is enough for a guy to get excited over her. All she does is MIMIC what she sees on porn.

      Amber Haag FANTASIZES about wanting to be gang banged by men, that alone should tell you that she’s a nutjob because no mentally sane woman has that fantasy! She enjoys watching gang bang porn, yet she can’t watch anything that has people that aren’t white in it.

      This POS is so lame and boring, she ask a stupid question, “Is it OK if I take my shirt off?” This woman has no knowledge of being sexy in any way!

      I told Amber to give back the $400 that she had stolen from me or she would suffer the consequences. She wants to keep playing stupid, lie about taking money from me, and make her worthless threats about getting her “lawyer” on me because he’ll have a field day with me. This stupid b*tch can’t even afford gas! Her money goes to drugs and booze even before her own kids. She lost custody of her daughters and she puts forth no effort into being a part of their lives, she even admits that and that they wouldn’t even recognize her if they were to see her.

      This woman is 35 years old and she has no interest in trying to better her life in any way. She is a danger to herself and to her kids, especially since she drives drunk. B*tch blamed me for ALLOWING her to drive drunk when she was already drunk when she came over and she was conscious enough to know that she was wasted. Apparently, if she got into a car accident, I was going to have to deal with more than just drama from which probably meant that she would have tried to get money from me. I believe that this woman will PURPOSELY try and get a guy to get her knocked up so she can use that baby for welfare and child support. Like I said, the money that she gets now she puts priority into drugs and booze over her own sons!