Angela Tiziani of Ottawa, Ontario

Angela Tiziani of Ottawa, Ontario

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, where to start with this bush pig? First off it baffles me that this illiterate c**t has gotten to where she’s gotten in her career. I don’t doubt for a second she got there on her back; actually more like her hands and knees because this broad is packing stretch marks that’d make Gumby blush! I’m not talkin some red lines, I’m talkin Freddy Krueger disfiguration mixed with a lil bit of a wolverine attack. There are so many folds in this b*tches stomach it collects dust! Normally that wouldn’t be an issue other than it’s visually unappealing. But I know first hand she sometimes goes 4 days with out taking a shower. Not even an exaggeration. She lets that kangaroo pouch she calls a stomach cake up with dirt for days bro. It’s not right, almost as bad as the stomach is the alligator scales covering her scabby, dry legs she has slather medicated cream on every night🤢.

She’s a health Canada official that has had pepsi sold out of her house right under her poor daughters nose, no wonder the kids so f**ked up! That kids seen more pepsi n weed than Charlie Murphy! She a horrible drunk, always high on weed, screams at her daughter and threatens her with violence constantly.

Nik she’s disgusting human being. She was sleeping with this guy she met at her work, he’s a courier. His name is Luc Bel-Aire. Married man that she extorted with sexual photographs so that he would buy her a $10000 truck and some couches. Poor bastard, actually f**k him I feel bad for his wife. I wonder if Luca wife has had any ill effects of the DRD she’s been carrying for for 8 years now. Smh!

Wait it gets better lol! Just when you think k there is no way she can do any worse, she rises together occasion! Her boyfriend went to the penitentiary for a fight he got into at a bar. While he’s in there not only does she not hold him down or support the guy in any way possible, she cheats on him with his exes (the mother of his daughter) current fiancé lol. All the guys in the city and u f**k your mans baby mammas man??? Or had u slept with everyone else by then? It is possible!

She was sleeping wtih Joe Batson when she was 14 and he was in his mid 20s sooo… who knows? All of this is probably why her mom is f**kin certified talks to squirrels crazy as sh*t! And that’s probably why her dad ate a mouth full of f**kin buckshot on there basement floor! He was a heroin junkie with DRD so his clock was tickin, but still? It was probably shame that did it for him. But I guess we’ll never know! Any ways guys watch out for this bloodsucking hood rat cockroach, and her needle poking, methadone drink having Caldwell bucket Nathan Rogers. They are nothin but trouble😜

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