Are you a Mom or Sugarbaby?

Are you a Mom or Sugarbaby?

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, it’s hard in this day and age to be a good mother. We all know that – but this hoodrat made sure we know she’s not trying to be a mom! Lol My boy has been taking care of her kid while she’s out meeting F-boys. She’s not even legal in the United States so she’s probably looking to get a green card from F-boys. Ha!

Dug some dirt on this P4P and found found she used to be an “assistant” to some rich man. Assistant? For what? What’s the term again? Oh, yea – Sugar baby. Feel bad for that kid growing up with a mom who goes out clubbing for attention. Like bish — put on some clothes. You can see her and her sugar baby hood rat moms on her Instagram @adri.alx. It’s a joke, actually. Do you even work bro?

Thank god the kid still got his dad to help support him. You know what this poor excuse of a a “mom” used to do? Threaten my boy and took their kid away from him and his family!! On his first Father’s Day!!! Who does that? You can’t use your kid as a tool you psychopath! Poor kid! If you can be a mom — just give it up so you can be a full time P4P! Saw this hoe at 1Oak grinding it out. Don’t you have a baby to feed? Don’t you have a life to look after? What are you doing out at the club — looking for love in da club? Ahahaah. Joke. Heres a tip — clean up your act (and closet cuz you look like Forever 21 circa 2005), and put on some clothes.

Have some respect for your kid. He needs a mom — not a sugarbaby mama. Go back to Bosnia!!

Her eyes look very Serbian to me. I think you’re confused on her bloodline. Also, I reviewed her IG. She claims that her child is her best friend (for likes)… it’s weird how she has sexual images next to baby pics. That’s not a good sign of motherhood, but who knows… she could be really good at breast feeding.- nik

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