Ashley Belger The Bodybuilder

Ashley Belger The Bodybuilder

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, here is Ashley Belger who has hooked up with Logan, Ben Sanchez, and Matt from Independence game in a few months. What people don’t know is this like seeking queen cheats on her boyfriend with all these new American bodybuilders. I say why not be honest open an real and stop fighting for likes and just be honest instead of turning the trend and letting everyone know you’ll sleep with anything for a like!

Sure everyone can do there research and see how many of her actual photos are photoshopped. This is about the least honest bodybuilder on this site! I say before you judge go watch her lies. She’s told every guy the same thing. Just like every other Scottsdale girl, she loves fast cars and lots of money. If you have those she will take Them. But if it comes to actual work she won’t do it. Try to have her do her job and watch her fail.

She needs to juice… her body looks super soft for bodybuilding standards. Someone comp her testosterone.- nik

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